28 October, 2004

Victor of the Balgas Contest

Wow did that Mission take a long time. Much longer than expected, actually. But then again, seven hours later (I think), I am now strutting around a brand new Rank 7 badge attached to my name!

I logged on to quickly check the Jeuno Auction House for Mythril, which I normally do from time to time. However, within five minute sof my logging in, I get a /tell from Akanea:

Akanea: !!!
Me: ?
Akanea: Wanna do Rank 7?

Of course I couldn't refuse. We gathered together eight people together (six Windurstians and two San d'Orians) to go to the Horutoto Ruins to fight the four NM Cardians for Mission 6-1, and then we slowly accumulated a few more people along the way. The four cardians were by no means difficult, and I'm sure a party around Level 60 could take on the four of them with little trouble.

We then tailed Arujido-Marujido all the way to the Full Moon Fountain in the Toramarai Canal, which is beyond the Horutoto Ruins, evidently locked behind the all-mystical (and very-wey pretty!) three-mage gate, that needs the presence of a White, Black and Red Mage to unlock. Then again, Fangryn had the key, so we kind of skipped that part. :P

We eventually caught up to Arujido in the Full Moon Fountain, but alas, he got arrestaru'ed by Semih Lafihna and the rest of the Mithra high guards. Unfortunately, since it was my mission to track him down, I guess I was misunderstood, and was called to the Star Sybil yet again to clear my name, by participating (and beating) the Yagudos in a contest held at Balgas Dias. It seems Arujido was trying to revive (and subsequently master) summoning magic, which for some reason is a big no-no in the books of the Sybil, so he got life imprisonment, which Apururu was none-too-happy about. But I digress.

The party for the Balgas Dias contest was WHM DRG SAM RNG BRD BRD. After a few hiccups along the way, partially due to me buying up Mythril Beastcoins and forgetting my Mushrooms, we figured that the SAM could do a decent job at tanking, since he was SAM 65. We reached the Burning Circle, entered, and went through the obligatory announcements regarding the contests, to which I was referred to by the sorry title of "Tuufless the Unremarkable." Bloodthirstly to actually gain some respect, even though it be among Yagudos, we engaged in battle.

If you've ever seen a SAM65 tank four NM Yagudos, it isn't hard to see that the result about two minutes later was this:

Yea, we kinda lost that one hard. It was quite funny though, since the battle time limit was 30 minutes, after everyone was dead, I activated Reraise, Raise II'ed everybody else, and then we went back to trying to kill off the yagudos yet again, which the other members were quite receptive to. Let nobody scoff at the indestructibility of a White Mage! :D

Of course, we got owned again, except this time it was the Summoner Yagudo whose Tidal Wave (Astral Flow ; ;) knocked three of us out of the contest. The other three soon followed suit.

We were about to give up when one of the Ninjas we sent a /tell to earlier actually replied to us. Fast forward a few minutes later, we have a Japanese NIN75 helping us out, and as they say, third time's a charm. We beat the Yagudos this time without too much difficulty (although I died yet again) and we were soon off to Castle Oztroja to complete the third and final part of the mission.

Navigating through Castle Oztroja wasn't too bad, since our Ranger knew where you get passwords required to progress all the way to the top floor of the castle. It was rather interesting to note that we also passed by the rarity that is an unopened Castle Oztroja Treasure Coffer, and suffice to say, we were all rather disappointed we couldn't open it. ; ; No Astral Rings for us, it seems.

We reach the top, where the door is guarded by two Yagudo High Priests, both of which have True Sight. By now, everything is conning IT to a party of Lvl 60+ players, so suffice to say, we're rather nervous. Akanea got aggro and died when his Invisible dropped, and after much dodging of Yagudo Assassins and what-have-you, we got him standing again. Using Veelea's Judgement Key, we quickly slipped into the door, got the oath from the Holy One (???) and a Teleport-Mea later, we're riding chocobos back to Windy to get our Rank 7!

My summary's rather rushed, but then again, it's past 5 o'clock in the morning now, and I'm quite tired. Of course, I need to give the obligatory credits when I leave. Taru~! ^^

Thanks to:
Akanea (DRG60/WAR30)
Chihiro (NIN75/WAR37)
Danatoth (RNG62/NIN31)
Fangryn (BLM59/WHM29)
Redherr (SAM65/WAR32)
Veelea (BRD64/WHM32)

…and the other people I forgot who helped out with M6-1. ^^

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