27 October, 2004

The Fanged One

Have you, my child, trod on many a land, drank from many a rrrainfall, fought many a fine battle and lived to see many a dawn? Then truly I say onto you, unless you are aprrroved by the earth and the sky, how is it that you can say you are accepted by Mother Nature?
If you so desire to submit yourself to the laws of naturrre, my child, then go, meet with the fanged king of the beasts, and bring back one of his grrreat teeth. Listen to the voice of nature and wait for nature to run herrr course. If nature accepts us, then even we who lack fangs will be perrrmitted to hunt as her rangers.


It all started quite a few days ago, during one of my Cape Terrigan parties. I was partying with a Ranger in AF. Not just any Ranger, mind you, but a Taru Ranger. Those of you who know why I ended up becoming WHM will understand what my newfound goal is when I say:

Tarus in RNG AF are soooooooo cute! ^^

And that was that.

Fast forward a few days (or was it weeks?) later. I'm randomly surfing for AF pictures whilst visiting my friend's room, and eventually, it dawns upon me to show him a picture of a Taru in Ranger AF. Finding one was hard, and the AF pictures page (sorry, don't remember the link) only had the guy Taru's picture. I needed to double check if girls got the same deal.

Fortunately, I stumbled across this picture:

Yep. Other girl tarus. All in AF. Well, AF2, to be precise, except for that bottom one who's in a wedding dress. But that confirmed it for me- I wanted to take on RNG.

Of course, there were multiple problems in the way. First, I'd have to somehow fund my Ranger. Not only arrow-wise (which I hear is cheap up to level 20 or so), but gear-wise. Leaping Boots at Level 7 will probably take a while. I could possibly camp Leaping Lizzy and join the masses (WHM/RNG for laughs) but I get the feeling the Boots don't drop for a WHM59. Then, there's the matter of subjobs. I don't mind leveling up Ninja, since I was thinking about doing so after seeing the monstrosity that is the almighty Taru NIN/BLM spamming second level Ninjutsu.

The problem lay with having to level up WAR.

I am not a huge fan of brute melee, and WAR is one of those jobs I never ever thought of leveling up. However, I'll need it up to RNG24 when I can switch over to NIN for Utsusemi: Ichi, and then should I actually get around to completing my goal of Ranger AF, I'll need WAR15 to support the traditional RNG60/NIN30 setup. This, suffice to say, if going to take one heckuva long time. That, and my Mog Safe is starting to overflow from WHM and BLM gear.

I headed home to Windy to activate my Ranger quest, meeting up with the Mithra tribal chieftainess who gave me the above speech. It's rather strange coming back to Windurst and being surrounded by Mithra all of a sudden, without another fellow Taru, but I like Mithras. They're much more down-to-earth and friendly that some of the other races. The elf guards in San d'Oria always seem to think I'm trying to assassinate their prince or something. The Humes of Bastok are okay- haven't really talked with them much. I probably wouldn't like meeting Galkas much, except they're so fun to huggie-wuggie! *ahem*

The quest was a lot easier than I thought. I had heard horror stories of people being assanine and killing Old Sabertooth, so I was rather curious just how long I had to wait. As it turns out, I walked up to the cave, found no tiger, walked inside the cave, saw the pile of Tiger Bones, picked up an old tiger fang, then Warped back to Jeuno to catch the airship back to Windy. Piece of cake!

When I got back and activated my Ranger, I set about the long task of leveling my subjobs. I bought myself a set of Bronze Armor and an Axe (Bronze Subligar.../shudder), whipped out my THF06 that I had leveled earlier for goodness-knows-what reason, and five minutes later, I was clanking outaru of Windurst as a WAR01/THF01. Eventually, after eating down Mithkabobs (which are essentially +50% STR for me ^^) I hit Level 5. Just for kicks, I go back to Windy again and buy myself a Longbow and some Stone Arrows. On my very first arrow, I one-shotted an EP Savannah Rarab for the kill. (And got +0.1 to my archery, too ^^)

I think I'm gonna quite like shooting arrows.

Incidentally, Gluey was also wondering whether he should level up RNG as well. At first, I thought if he stuck to NIN, I can take up RNG and we can go level up together, but it soon dawned upon me that a much greater plan could hatch. If Gluey were to become a Ranger, that'd make him...

*Warning, BAD Magic joke coming up*

...it'd make him...



...an Elvish Archer. \^o^/

(or an Elvish Ranger, but those who know Ben will understand the significance of being an Elvish Archer over a Ranger. ^^)

Wow, I think even Pants would be impressed by that.

So, at least, for now, I'm (somewhat) started on my path to becoming a Ranger. I'm actually kind of going through a bit of a mid-life crisis, as now with my WHM fast approaching Level 60 (a late-night party in the Valley of Sorrows for a few hours has put me within striking distance of the elusive 60), I really don't know what I want to do next. Black Mage, perhaps? Work on Ranger a bit more? Concentrate on being a full-time Goldsmither? (Speaking of Goldsmtihing, I'm 46.2 now! ^^)

Time will tell, I guess.


For the hunterrr, the fangs are not just a tool vital for existence, but also a witness to its death. If the fanged one loses its fangs, it can no longerrr live. Yet when the fanged one dies, only its fangs remain. To hunt like the fanged one, you must live by the fang and die leaving only the fang behind.

Onto you, new ranger, I bestow the witness of the life and death of the grrreat fanged one...

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