25 October, 2004

Two Weeks in Review

Wowie...It's been a very-wery long time since I last updated this little journaru.

Too many things have been happening outside of Vana'diel, that I really haven't had much opportunity to play much, yet alone update. But anyway, I'll try to summarise as best I can.

I am a Level 44 Black Mage now. The experience grind is slowly (but surely) starting to kick in, and it's only a few more levels before I hit the ever-familiar territory of five-digit tnls. My Goldsmithing isn't much better either. I'm 45.5 now, which isn't too bad when I think about it, but then again, I synthed 34 Ingots into 16 Mythril Rings and two broken Ingots. That's about 61,000 gil down the drain if I chose to sell the Mythril Instead for profit. It's not too bad, seeing as how Goldsmithing is expensive and all. But the /groan part about this is:

All I got with nearly 3 stacks was just +0.6 to Goldsmithing.


I can feel it starting to kick in. Goldsmithing is going to consume me whole. I should probably start churning out a few stacks of Mythril for profit, to try and make back my losses, since my finances are dipping rather low. Although I personally find it rather strange that now, anything below 150k in my walletaru is considered "poor". I'm even hesitant to buy my Black Mage scrolls like Poison II and Waterga II for 20 and 40k respectively, even though I have about 150k on me at the moment.

I also went down to Norg to try to get my Utsusemi done. I was hoping I had enough Norg fame, and as it turns out, I did! I did get rather lost in the Sea Serpent Grotto though, and ended up making two trips, but eventually I managed to complete the quests and I am up an Utsusemi: Ichi and Tonko: Ichi scroll, that I have sent to Shantih for safekeeping. Gluey's also started his Ninja, and from what he tells me, he quite likes the job. He, too, quested up his Utsusemi, and last I heard, he quite liked "this Blink thing." I'm not sure what I should do with mine though- I could sell the scrolls for my Goldsmtihing, or save them for my own use later.

Of course, the problem is when. I have added yet another AF onto my want list- we Tarus look soooooo cutaru in Ranger AF! Unfortunately, Ranger is in no way related to what I'm doing at the moment, and I'll have to level up Ninja (which I don't mind) and Warrior (which I _do_ mind) to get to Ranger. Goldsmithing already has my money tied up, so I dontaru think I'll be working on Ranger anytime soon, but it's something to look forward to.

Speaking of AF, I got my BLM AF1 over the course of the past two weeks- we were heading up to Castle Zvahl for some coffer hunting earlier, and whilst we were in the area, we stopped by to get my glowstone for a Casting Wand (which is, as the critics say, nigh-useless).

I think I'm going to take my Black Mage all the way to 75. Then, I can start work on my Summoner, if I feel like it. I kind of want to hit 51 with the full setof Elemental Staves at the ready, so that's going to set me back quite a bit. Good thing the Ice Staves are only 40k at the moment. They might even drop a wittle bit more, but oh well. The HQ version on the other hand, is 600k. The sad thing is, I want it. ; ;

I also did Promyvia-Mea! Elowie invited me over to a Promyvion alliance, and I decided, why notaru? Promyvion is quite a nice place to hang out though, if you ignore the fact that just about evrything there is out to kill you. Nice music, isolated. About as nice a chillout place as the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah.

The fight to the final boss was rather uneventful, since there was another alliance also on their way to the Spire of Mea for the big showdown. The final floor, where everything was IT, was uite fun though. We needed to cross a place that was infested with the Emptiness monsters, so we basically made one big dash for the Spire of Mea. I think we managed to make it there alive. For people going to do Promyvion, please please please work as a group! It is SO difficult to operate when there is no sense of order within the alliance.

I also now have the Japanese edition of Final Fantasy, and it was quite funny to see all my Japanese friends' surprise when I finally got to talk to them in kana. Partying, on the other hand, was another thing altogether. I went to a party, missed the Skillchain since I didn't know what it was, nor could I figure it out. Suffice to say, it was rather embarassing for a decked out Rank 6 Taru BLM that couldn't MB. I also got invited to a Japanese party over in the Quicksand Caves, which sad to say, didn't turn out well at all. We had so many deaths in that party, it wasn't even funny. Somehow or other, I kind of feel it was my fault, but I don't see how. I'd cast Thundaga and Blizzaga at the end, and the Spider would turn. This is with a Thief in the party, too. Oh well, guess not all Japanese parties are covered in icing.

I think that's about it for now. I'll try to update a littaru bit more next time!

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