06 October, 2004

The Twinked Out BLM.

170k later, I have finally completed my Black Mage gear. Yes, I got my Wisdom Rings and my Garrison Boots. I am also looking at ludicrous amounts of INT for damage spells that really give Rangers a run for their money. I did a MB Thundaga for 379 damage on a Desert Dhalmel in the East Altepa Desert, and Desert Dhalmels aren't even weak to Thunder! It's very nice to have your gear updated (although my purse has taken a very big hit.../cry

Too bad other people don't share the same pride in their own jobs. Case in point- my party in the Altepa Desert. I try to be nice, but there really are limits as to how far I can stand incompetence. No less than one third of the party got on my nerves that night, of which one was the White Mage who would constantly shock us by his spells (or the lack of.)

Case in point: We're fighting Dhalmels, and the Ninja gets Silenced. He calls for a Silena, and you guessed it, the White Mage doesn't have it. Never mind the fact that Silena is a Level 19 spell and he is Level 36. Fortunately, disaster was averted, and at the behest of the other party members, we move to the outpost to take on Goblins. I should've thoguht to mention whilst we were in Rabao that we'd need Barfira while fighting Goblins, but I decided to hold it off until we were almost at the camp.

Me: “Oh, and don’t forget to {Barfira} when we’re fighting gobs please ^^”
WHM: “Ummmmmmmmmm”

Yep, you guessed it. He doesn't have Barfira either. I gave him the same spiel Aamin gave me back when I didn't have it in Yhoator, and looking back, he was right about Barfira. It really is the most important Bar- spell a WHM can get. I eventually get killed because of a Bomb Toss (and a link) so I'm not terribly impressed. A quick /check reveals that the WHM is using an Elm Staff (Lvl 23), and that's the highest piece of equipment he's got. In fact, everything else is <20. I'm sure if Glue were leading this party, he'd kick the WHM out while cursing at the computer screeny with his cat trying to make up for things.

He volunteered to go back to Altepa to buy Barfira, but mentioned he was out of money, with just 2.5k left (this was after buying Silena). 'Course, he had also decided to buy a Teleport-Mea scroll for 100k earlier, which was obviously more important than his gear or other spells. Yes, Spells > Gear, but there is a limit, folks! Oh well.

In any case, I'm poor now, so I headed back to Gusgen to mine a bit. Two Gold, two Darksteel and a buncha Iron later, I'm slowly recuperating from things. It's gonna be hard, now that Mythril prices have reset once again. But we'll see what happens. I'll be trying to buy my Mage's Tunic for 45k, although first, one has to be on sale...

...that, and my Mythril needs to sell!

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