04 October, 2004

The Fine Art of Blowing Stuff Up.

Tuufless casts Blizzaga.
Magic Burst! The Worker Crawler takes 302 points of damage.

Mwahahahahaha, after 58 levels of WHM, it feels sooooo good to be playing BLM and dishing out damage in oodles. Especially now that I've completed my gear (well, sorta):

Black Cape +1
Black Silk Neckerchief
Eremite’s Ring
Eremite’s Ring
Mercenary Captain’s Belt
Morion Earring
Morion Earring
Morion Tathlum
Seer’s Crown (+1)
Seer’s Mitts +1
Seer’s Pumps +1
Seer’s Slacks +1
Seer’s Tunic
Solid Wand

It's not absolutely up there. I'm still missing Garrison Boots, a pair of Wisdom Rings, and Morion Earrings +1 (like real!), but I'm looking at +23 INT in addition to a Taru's natural INT, without food. Ridiculous amounts of damage galore! At least, in comparison to what I was doing as a WHM. I ended up buying the +1 versions of the Seer's set since I couldn't buy the normal ones for the price I wanted (the non +INT components) so I decided to splurge a little, although 6k for +1 MP and +1 DEF is rather steep...

I would also have a pair of Wisdom Rings, but for goodness knows what reason, they all sold out overnight! Hopefully I won't have to pay through my little-wittle nose to get my pair (once my Mythril Sheets sell in Jeuno...)

It feels rather odd coming back to pre-40 days, when the Red Mage doesn't have Refresh and Bards are well, as scarce as ever. Thieves who don't know how to SATA. Underleveled subjobs. Shouts for Raises when the White Mage actually bit the dust. People who don't fire off a skillchain. (although to their credit, I kept messing up the elements :P) The Crawler's Nest yet again...

...it's still fun, especially when you can singlehandedly kill a mob by spamming Thundaga, Blizzaga and Aero II for about 700 damage to kill a mob from just over 1/3 its life. That's without a Magic Burst thrown in there, too. ^^ I'm having second thoughts on switching though. All my friends I made during my WHM days are still up there, leveling away, and I will eventually be left behind. I don't have the time to go level up two different jobs simultaneously, especially when soon, I'll have to level RDM to keep up with the BLM/RDM. I wonder, will I even use /WHM anytime soon?

I was originally BLM, and coming back brings all sorts of nostalgia to the job. But I already kinda miss being a WHM (partially because I can no longer get to Rabao easily >_<). We'll see what happens.

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