07 October, 2004

Ups and Downs.

Several things happened today, some of which started to make me rethink my reasons for continuing with the game. After yesterday's purchases, I picked up my trusty Workers gear and pickaxes that had been collecting dust in my Mog Safe and headed back to Gusgen to go mine. The place wasn't overly crowded, but my, has the crowd changed.

I'm not sure if it's the NA playing community in general, but whatever happened to common courtesy? Of the ten or so miners at work, Two of them are point thieves, one of whom even gave me attitude to boot, following me around and taking any point I went to. I may have a high tolerance for idiocy, but I was this close to blasting this person out, unfortunately, typing angrily does not quite have the same effect as a PK. Technically, he's not breaking any rules, which is what held me back, although it's disgusting to see the utter lack of common courtesy (and manners!) in some of these players. Then there was the other one, too. The first had the cheek to even send me a /tell that went like this:

(I’m running to a spawn point, Kaiseling’s following me)
Kaiseling: “go go go”

(I reach the point a good amount in front of him, take a swing, then he starts working away at it, too)

Me: “Do you mind?”
Kaiseling: “lol”

I'm normally against posting people's names whom I want to slam, but these people have angered me enough to warrant doing so. Yes, even more than the White Mage with neither Barfira or Silena. It's that bad.

(I’m mining away at a point. Blacka runs up and starts mining at the same point.)

Me: “Do you mind?”
Blacka: {I don’t speak any English}
Me: {Japanese}?

Of course, he doesn't reply. He's clearly not Japanese, since first, he'd have to be up at 7 o'clock in the morning, and he sent me a random /tell later on in English characters. Strangely enough, Kaiseling sent me another strange /tell amounting to "ji a" so they might be in this together. Whatever. Some people deserve to be PK'ed.

It's not all bad. I tried piecing together a BLM party after I noticed an extraordinarily large number of Black Mages seeking, but alas, that plan didn't fall through at all. I got invited to another party, consisting of RDM, BLM, BLM, SAM, MNK, NIN. I find that the RDM doesn't have Dispel, and am told by the NIN that he doesn't have gear past level 23, either. The NIN leaves with something that amounts to "I'm sorry, but I don't see why I should party if I'm willing to go all the way to get my Emperor's Hairpin and Leaping Boots while you can't even get Dispel by 36." Rightfully so, too, since a RDM that's leveling past 32 without Dispel is nothing more than an xp leech.

I may very well sound harsh, but when I invite a RDM past 32, I'm looking for Dispel, and if you don't have it, then why should I bother bringing you in? The Monk then goes on a whole diatribe about how this game is for fun, and while I can understand that he does not have the time to go farm (him being married with three children), hurting other people by not coming to an xp party with adequate gear is too much. If you want to enjoy the game, very well. Go pick up a craft, or finish quests with friends, get some money. But don't hurt me just because you didn't want to go farm up your gear. Granted, FF isn't all about xp, so go do something else! When you join an xp party, sure, you meet new people, but ultimately, everybody is in the party for a reason- experience points, and you are just hurting that by showing up with sub-par gear/spells.

On the plus side, I end the night with the first good party I've had in a while since returning to BLM. To be honest, I was rather skeptical about the setup- BLM, BLM, PLD, SAM, SAM, BRD, but such fears were unfounded. Two Black Mages in a party with a pair of Samurais constantly firing off -> Distortion skillchains every fight with two MB Blizzagas and two Thundagas to finish, it was a good party. I wonder how things would've been like with a third BLM in the party though. ^^ One of the members was also a nice guy, and we ended up chatting about player attitudes towards the game, where the classic "RDM without Dispel" scenario rears its ugly head again.

I'm still not 38, but I have Fire II and a Mage's Robe waiting. I'm more concerned about how to keep earning gil with the mining situation as bad as it is. Ifrit's Cauldron, perhaps? I was contemplating picking up Bonecraft, but I'll have to look up some other things first.

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