28 September, 2004

Shadow Banisher

Obviously, my plan to try and get one quarter of the way through Level 57 failed miserably. Then again, this is noontime, rather that the usual midnight when I post these entries, so there's still plenty of time more to go. But seeing as how I've just completed the quest, lemme lay back and bask in my latest accomplishment for a bit. Don't mind if I do.
Rank. 6. Yea! ^^

Once again, this was very much a pickup thing, with me logging in, and Teleporting some LS members over to Xarcabard. Out of curiosity, I check the Linklist to find six LS members already in Xarcabard, so I can't help but ask what they're doing. Suffice to say, the conversation was rather short:

Me: What’re you guys doing in Xarcabard?
Sollanon: M5-2
Me: M5-2?!
Me: WAIT!!!

The others wanted to get the Zilart missions done quickly, so we tried to get it done post haste. Obviously, that didn't go too well. Getting to the Throne Room was itself a challenge and a half, since for some strange reason, we decided to take the hard way to Castle Zvahl Keep, dropping through some floors, holes, and walking past IT Demons and Floating Eyes. I'm positive there's an easier way, after all, Zenyu took me to Castle Zvahl Keep for his AF2 quest, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. At least I didn't die. Shikari and Lorec on the other hand... ; ;

Once we were in the keep itself, getting to the Throne Room was pretty trivial, and we ended up training Demons and Eyes all the way up to the Throne Room just for kicks. Once there, let me say that the view from the top of Castle Zvahl Keep is spectacular. Everyone needs to see it at some point in their playing career (and probably will when they do M5-2).

While getting to the Throne Room was a challenge in itself, the Shadow Lord was rather disappointing. Then again, we were far above the intended level where this fight used to be done and let's say that both Shikari and Crixis had little problems running a few Sidewinders through the Shadow Lord for its first form, and Sollanon's Fire IV takes care of the second form pretty darn quickly. It was a little scary with the AoE spamming, and everyone got to red, but a few Cure IIIs later, it really wasn't an issue anymore.

Oh well. I won't spoil too much of the storyline by listing it out here- those who have done it will know what I mean, and those who haven't will just have to do it themselves. Hah! But anyway. One quick Teleport-Mea and a walk to Windurst later, I am now Rank 6 and feeling pretty darn good about it, too. ^^ The closing spiel after the Shadow Lord's defeat is also pretty nice,

“And so the shadow lord was defeated,
thanks to Tuufless’s selfless courage and sacrifice.

Through the clouds shines a symbol of
Newfound hope for the peoples of Vana’diel.
But none should forget that wherever there
Is light, there is always shadow.

The legend goes on to say…
From the darkest depths of the earth
The Warriors of the Crystal rose…

Lion: So… I guess this is goodbye for now. I hear they’ve started flights to the Outlands. If you ever get your hands on an airship pas to Kazham, come see me in Norg sometime. I’ll be seeing you, Tuufless. Bye!

Zeid: I, too, feel that our paths may cross again. Until then, I wish you farewell."

Zilart Missions, here we go! :D

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