26 September, 2004

One Step Closer.

It's rather funny being a White Mage sometimes, although I guess this pretty much applies to any class that fits into the four basic components of a party later on in the game. (i.e. Healer, Tank, Damage, Support) For some reason, it's very easy to find three of the four components and none of the fourth. That's not too surprising. What's surprising is the number of times you can find a huge overabundance in one particular area. Case in point, I randomly did a /sea all inv 55-57 and saw WAR, WAR, WAR, MNK, MNK, DRG, THF and not a single mage, tank or bard around. Granted, these things are out of the norm, but what can you do?

Because a similar situation presented itself when I tried to get into a party, I instead decided to help out another friend and his WHM17. That meant finally taking up the sword again, whipping out the Enthunder, and playing Red Mage. :D

We eventually found our place in a 17-19 party that was organised by a new BLM17. The setup wasn't great at all- WHM, WHM, SMN, BLM, RDM, WAR- far too mage-centered, and as expected, we couldn't really handle anything IT. Allow me to say something about the Valkurm Dunes: people seem to come in here in waves of classes. When my White Mage first came to the Dunes, everybody was playing Warrior, or Monk. Mages were scarce. Mages were highly sought after. Now? Far too many Summoners, that's for sure, and I suspect the new changes to the Summoners have something to do with this. Sure, they may be cool, but they're still not that great in a party. Then again, it was nice to see levels where you needed less than 5k xp to advance. ^^ I ended up being the puller, which I have to admit was rather fun. In the end, I think I treated the party more like a skillup party, and my Sword is capped, while my Dagger is just 3 levels shy. Go Enthunder! :D

No sooner did that party disband, I return to Jeuno and decide to switch over to my White Mage. I put up my seek flag, and had to laugh at what was literally a bombardment of /tells from people who all wanted me in their parties. I hadn't even opened my Mog Safe to get my gear before purple lines from six different people flowed in. Guess there really weren't any other White Mages seeking at the time. ^^

Suffice it to say, I eventually settled on a NIN, BLM, PLD, WHM, DRK, SAM party up in Cape Terrigan. The Cape was empty, we had no competition, and while the experience was somewhat slow, partially due to the party's 55-58 spread (and a BLM that was experimenting with mass nuking, something I don't quite agree with) we were cooking up about 3k xp an hour and soon enough, I got my Level 57! Now, only 20k separate me from my Healer's Briault, then from there, I can take my own sweet time in getting Level 60 and my Healer's Mitts, and then that'll be WHM AF complete!

I think I'm going to level up Black Mage to 75 though. I bumped into Zenyu over in the Boyahda Tree, and his BRD + 5x BLM party. It just looked ridiculously fun (and good!) Seeing five Black Mages all start casting Freeze on an unsuspecting Bark Spider was just hilarious to watch, and you can easily repeat this to reach ridiculous chains. Yea, the BLM party has to be the best setup around. Go Mages. ^^

I am considering buying the rest of my Seer's gear in preparation for my Black Mage, but I'm somewhat torn over the pants and the boots. I want +1, just to show off. Practically speaking, paying an extra 10k for +1MP is ridiculous, and that 10k can easily be spent elsewhere like oh, I don't know, Morion Earrings for example. But still, I'd like to be the best Black Mage out there, and having the best gear at the time is part of that, although there comes a point where you have to draw the line. Other than that, nothing much of note happened. I did craft up yet even more Mythril Ingots to sell, and somehow ended up being dragged into a Genkai 2 party late at night, but oh well.

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be 58 and strutting my Healer's Briault across Lower Jeuno in seven days from now. Taru~! ^^

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