20 September, 2004

Paragon of White Mage Excellence

People must be wondering what the heck I was doing that made me skip both breakfast and lunch (I can hear Mum fuming in the background). Last night, after some 4 hours of killing random undead mobs in the Eldieme Necropolis, I finally got a Tavnazian Bell to drop. I went to sleep last night with the intention of getting my Healer's Briault (sp?) today.

And so I did. Of course, anyone who has ever done the AF3 fights for just about anybody will know how much of a pain it is to assemble an alliance. It was about 9 o'clock that I logged on, and discovered that it was Darksday, Full Moon. Thankfully, I bought a really cheap stack of Mythril Beastcoins from Jeuno that completed my set of 48 coins. One airship to Bastok and some talking to the Goldsmith's Guild later, I am now Goldsmithing 34.8 and about 78k richer (that is, once my Mythril sells). Surprisingly, I didn't break anything, which is always a Very Good Thing. (TM).

But going back to getting my jacket. I returned to Jeuno, trying to figure out how I am going to get about this, "farming" up Teleport-Vahzls whenever someone shouts for one. It just so turns out that I Teleported a Taru Black Mage named Zenyu when he was rather impressed at my proficiency in Japanese (Hah!). Out of the blue, he asked if he could add me onto his friends list, and since he seemed like a rather nice guy, I gave him the green light.

It didn't take long before I asked him what on earth he was doing out in Xarcabard, when he told me he was working on the Black Mage AF2. I offered to lend my assistance, since well, I wasn't exactly busy at the time. Long story short, we end up getting his boots after he died (aggroed two skeletons and a Evil Eye by mistake) and another failed attempt. It was during then that I found out he was a WHM70, and he offered to help me get my jacket.

We returned to Jeuno, and so began the long road to trying to assemble an alliance. The first member was tough, since nobody really wants to reply to a fight that requires an alliance when there are only two members. I asked Chamot (a Japanese Mithra Ninja friend) what she was up to, when I noticed she was in Ifrit's Cauldron trying to get her AF. She said she'd come help me once she was done. After much shouting, we still had just the two of us.

Eventually, I randomly /search-ed for Chamot, and noticed she was now in Jeuno, and invited her in. From there, people slowly started trickling in. I would run around Jeuno /shout-ing in English, while Zenyu would repeat my announcement in Japanese. It was funny at first, since by the time we hit 8 people, we had two Singaporeans (Elowen and I) and six Japanese. Needless to say, the helpfulness of the American community weren't showing itself then.

But no sonner did I joke about this in the linkshell did the first /tell come in from an American player. From there, he brought his friend, and more people started to reply once the member roster hit ten people or so. In the end, we had a rather unusual setup: one Black Mage, one Paladin, one Warrior, one Ninja, two Red Mages, and seven White Mages. As Elowen put it "If seven White Mages cannot keep the tank alive, nothing can." Very true. ^^

The rest was rather uneventful, except for an additional two members coming in, another White Mage and an accompanying Ranger, and 5-6 hours after we started calling for members, we finally got everybody their Tavnazian Mask. (That should give you guys out there a rough idea of how long this takes.)

The fight itself wasn't particularly difficult. I had imagined the fight to be ridiculously difficult, with people on the message boards saying it was the hardest AF3 fight of the lot, and the constant spamming of Dimensional Death wold give any White Mage the shivers. Fortunately, we only had one casualty (Zenyu ; ;) and everything was pretty much by the book. One Warp and a very long airship ride to San d'Oria later, I finally receive my Healer's Briault and the ominous title, "Paragon of White Mage Excellence."

Ah, to finally have that title bestowed upon you. My Mythril even sold during that time, so I went and crafted up another stack. Goldsmithing 36.1...

Sorry if this sounded all too-brief, but my stomach's rumbling now. Taru~!

It is finally...over...Ahh...
I can...I can see...Tavnazia...
he land of wind...and light...
My...My home!

(Special thanks to the following people for their help on the AF3 fight, in alphabetical order:)
Andoryu (WAR70/MNK35)
Atos (WHM61/BLM35)
Ceri (WHM54/BLM27)
Chamot (NIN58/WAR29)
Elora (WHM58/BLM29)
Elowen (RDM75/BLM37)
Esty (WHM57/BLM28)
Jenarose (???)
Katten (WHM56/BLM28)
Kerbine (RNG62/NIN31)
Murphy (WHM57/BLM28)
Oust (BLM59/WHM29)
Supaswimma (PLD62/WAR31)
Tsur (RDM70/BLM35)
Zenyu (WHM70/SMN30)

Thank you all! :D

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Elmoz said...

U r Singaporean? Aww... too bad we are not on the same server, only know less than 5 lions on Carbuncle.