22 September, 2004

Encounter with Aquarius.

Overall, today was rather "bleh..." But to ruin the surprise, we did fight Aquarius, that we did! :D I found a party in the morning, WHM, RDM, PLD, RNG, SAM, DRG if I remember correctly. I would've gotten a DRK instead of the DRG, but the DRG and RNG shared the same Linkshell, and the RNG was joking to me about how the DRG always complained about she getting parties. Anyway, no sooner do we reach the Boyahda Tree does the Samurai pipe up, mentioning that his LS is coming down to fight Aquarius, and whether we'd like to help out, just for kicks. Of course, we would not be able to lot on any of the dropped items, but all of us were game, just to say we helped. ><

And there it was, roaming innocuously between its fellow Robber Crabs and Knight Crawlers, Aquarius himself. I had only seen him once before, when I believe it was a RDM70/NIN tried to solo it, although he pulled Aquarius to a distance out of sight. We were an alliance of twelve. Me and my little level 55-57 party, and a linkshell comprising of people levels 60 through to 70. The fight was actually pretty darn easy, probably because of a Ninja tank. Bubble Shower had a huge range, not that it mattered, and the crab's life was going down oh-so-slowly, but eventually, we wore it down without too much of a hitch. (At least, not to my recollection.) It was still quite an experience, and someday, I should compile these records with my screenshots just because.

Anyway, after we beat Aquarius and said our /goodbyes, we got down to business. In the end, it was a decent party, raking in 4k worth of experience every hour or so. Too bad the party only lasted an hour before one of the members (our Paladin) remembered he had to go fetch his Mum from the airport. We would've continued, but no replacement in sight. Oh well. I had originally aimed to gather 5,000 experience in the four days I have free each week, and I was 1k short of this goal. But for some strange reason, nobody was seeking, probably because I was looking around off-peak hours.

Instead, I went onto other pursuits. Like looking, and examining my Seer's set which I've been eyeing for quite some time now. Of course, to be precise, I meant Seer's Set +1, even though only the Mitts and Crown have the stats from the HQ version that I'm interested in. Mitts were selling like hotcakes at 50k apiece, and it took a while before one even went up on sale today. I hesitated to buy it (50k is the most I've ever spent on armour, of all things...particularly when the normal version is oh, 42k cheaper...) but with plenty of my old equipment selling, I had money to spare. That, and selling two stacks of Mythril Ingots yesterday made me a very happy Taru. Now if only more cheap Beastcoins were actually in stock...

The funny thing about gil now is that when I was still in my 30s and gil was scarce, I was saving whatever I could. Now that I'm 56 and have 250k (post Seer's Mitts +1) with a few extra 10k or so in the Auction House, I still feel as if I'm a miser. I am perfectly aware that if I wanted to get the rest of my Seer's gear right now, I could, but something's stopping me. Maybe it's because I know that as soon as I get it, I'd want to level up my Black Mage, which I'd want to do with Glue. Or it just could be the price of it all. It just occured to me that the Seer's Pumps +1 costs more than my Wonder Braccae, even though for most intents and purposes, the Braccae is the superior piece of equipment. Hrm... Oh well. I'm off to see how many more people have listed Mythril Beastcoins. Taru~! ^^

Note: Since returned. Now I'm Goldsmithing 38.1! Wheee! :D

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