22 September, 2004

Monday Blues.

Thanks to the lag, I accomplished pretty much nothing. Well, except get mad at two more NA players (the highest percentage of people who just piss me off unfortunately come from this continent), one of whom was a NIN73 that somehow died in the Eldieme Necropolis. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Sorry, but are you guys okay with a Raise II?" (there was a BLM62 dead beside him)

Him (via /tell): yes

Tuufless casts Raise II on Kroeger.

He then runs off?! For christs' sake, you'd imagine that someone who's a level 73 Ninja would've learnt the very basics of manners! As Ben tells me later, he's one of those wannabe-uber players. /grouch. Still, that's no excuse to not say "Thank You". I didn't even get a /bow out of him- he just ran off and that was that. Sheesh, Like it's your given right to get a Raise. I wonder how many people suffer from superiority complexes once they hit level 60 or 70.

As if that wasn't enough, I gave some Thief a Teleport-Vahzl, who was so crude in his handling, I wouldn't disbanded and let him take another tele-taxi if I was any less tolerant. Like, I know how to do a teleport, thank you very much. Another person who just simply ran off as soon as he touched Xarcabard soil. At least I got a Thank You through the auto-translator. Whoopie. The one nice moment though, was helping a new BLM18 by the name of Neemo get his Magicked Skull as I was heading down to Gusgen to mine. Fortunately, the skull dropped on just the fourth Ghoul, so that was a short-lived affair. He turned out to be quite a nice guy to talk to, and I ended up telling him about what higher-level play was like. I can imagine what it must've been like. 40 levels ago, I never would've imagined Warriors make crap tanks.

Anyway, started taking a look at gear for the Black Mage. So far, the shopping list looks pretty darn expensive, too. I'll finish off my Seer's set, and see what happens from there. Seer's gear is really very good, although I can't quite tell if the prices are going to go up or down. Oh well.

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