27 September, 2004

Crafting up a storm.

Yet another one of those days with absolutely no experience gained whatsoever. Then again, I didn't feel like raking in the experience points, so that in itself justifies the oddity of the situation. Now, tomorrow on the other hand...

Instead, I went crafting. A lot. After several weeks of slowly picking up pieces here and there, I finally accumulate 48 Mythril Ores, in addition to simply grabbing a few cheap stacks of Mythril Beastcoins off the Jeuno Auction House, I made, well, quite a lot of Mythril Ingots. Well, not really- just two stacks. Hopefully they'll sell by tomorrow, since it would be very nice to see 164,000 gil in my delivery box...

The long road to getting the gear for my Black Mage is underway, my latest acquisition being a Black Cape +1. For some strange reason, the Black Cape +1 is 20k cheaper than the White equivalent, and I can't figure out just why. I suppose it's just a lower level craft, although it'd be rather odd if the White Cape had some rare ingredient the Black Cape didn't. Oh well. So to recap, I have my Seer's Tunic, my Seer's Mitts +1, my Seer's Crown (+1, for some reason, the game doesn't display the '+1' on the HQ version), a Mercenary Captain's Belt and a Black Silk Neckerchief.

To go: two Morion's Earrings, a Morion Tathlum, a pair of Garrison Boots, Seer's Slacks +1, and a pair of Wisdom Rings. Total cost will be about 400k. /sigh

On the bright side, just making one stack of Mythril Ingots nets me some 30k profit. With an estimated timeframe of 3 weeks before I hit WHM60, assuming I craft (and sell a stack) everyday, that's 630k profit right there. I could get a Reraise II and still have plenty to spare. Of course, things never actually work out that way in the end, and getting ahold of the requisite Beastcoins in already a pain in itself, but it's nice to be able to use both Beastcoins and Ores now.

Oh, and I decided to complete Gobbiebag #2. Another 25k down the drain! /grumble

In other news, I also decided to (finally) use those stacks of Water Crystals I've been accumulating from all those dead crabs up in Cape Terrigan. So, with nobody of any real significance seeking in the 56-58 range, I hop on an airship bound for Windurst and visit home sweet home once again. Of course, once I got there, many many Saruta Oranges later, I have a somewhat shaky beginning to becoming a cook. (Cooking 8.9 now, for those who wish to know. :P)

Finally, I helped someone get his Magicked Skull (yea, I know, I invariably end up helping people with the skull in particular) He was a BLM19 from my RDM party yesterday (he was BLM18 at the time) and simply put, I cannot stand seeing a main job of 18 with no subjob. Having no subjob at 18 or more is a crime in itself. Every time a person tries to party in Qufim Island without a subjob, someone skins a kitten. To me, you should be running to the old man in Selbina handing in your quest items as soon as your party is finished. No subjob = gimp. Simple as that. It was funny when we got in and I started to cast Diaga on a bunch of Skeleton Warriors and Ghouls. The very next line that went through /p was hilarious:

"Are you nuts?!"

In the end, getting the skull took a lot longer than I expected. We eventually ended up forming an alliance with another skull-hunting duo (a PLD44 and a WHM20 (no subjob! blasphemy!)) and got two drops within 2 minutes. Strange, no?

Anyway, that's it for today. Nothing terribly interesting, but hey, may you live in interesting times.

Taru~! ^^

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