08 January, 2007

Decisions, decisions.

I find it difficult to find things to write about nowadays. Daily ongoings and the occasional accomplishment just doesn’t really have that kick in it anymore for me to really write about.

In short, in this past week, I dragged some friends from both in and outside TrueRune, and we, with a PLD we picked up on the way, went down to the Quicksand Caves to kill the NM I needed to unlock Savage Blade. I’m not really sure what to think about the whole thing- the feeling of splitting up the group into different parties, knowing that the success of the whole depended on each individual party was kinda neat, but it did make actually getting to the NM a complete pain.

In any case, Savage Taru!

/em gets the Papillions ready! ^^

I find myself in a bit of a rut, which is rather ironic given that I’ve only been back for two weeks or so. Once again, the syndrome of leveling multiple jobs has caught up to me, and right now, I have squeezed in between Storage, my Mog Locker and Mog Safe (and my inventory), gear for my RDM, BLM, WHM, but also more specific gear like 40 and 50-cap gear for my RDM, as well as gear for my RNG, THF and WAR.

As you might suspect, I’m quite out of space. >_<

Incidentally, I’m also quite out of money, too. It just happened so suddenly- when I came back, thanks to welcome back donations and Celestria paying me to synth up her Elemental Ores, I was hovering around the 500k mark for some time. However, the RNG bug bit, and many gear purchases later, and some other impulsive purchases, I find myself with a whopping 50k from which to live on.

I don’t think I’ve been this poor since…I don’t actually remember. >_<

Anyway, those are my two main dilemmas. I’m not actually quite what made me suddenly pick up the bow again. Perhaps it’s the “oh-so-cute” look Tarus have when in RNG AF that I always wanted, although if my SMN was any indication of how things might go, I’d probably just complete the AF set and plonk it on a Mannequin for goodness-knows-how-long.

Right now, the idea of leveling up BLU is appealing to me. To that end, I took up leveling THF, which currently sits at a rather humble THF12. I’m not exactly sure what it is about BLU that interests me so, other than, of course, AF, but the mage-melee mixture is certainly intriguing. Too bad I hear BLU doesn’t exactly get much in terms of invites, probably because most people (myself included) don’t really know what role a BLU fulfils.

Maybe I ought to just resell all my RNG gear and focus on THF for the time being. It’ll do both my Mog Safe and my wallet some good. But then…RNG AF… >_<

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Ringthree said...

Tuufy the funny thing is that after telling you to come level, then the computer explosion, then me doing the xp scroll quest, it turns out I couldn't do it because I had another quest open. So I sent you a tell, but I think your computer blew up again. >.< Sorry! Maybe today after work?