11 January, 2007

Brygid the Stylist...Returns!

Since I had cleared the Sacrarium leg of CoP, I had always wanted a Glamor Jupon for my own. For one, it's a very good piece of gear for RDM50, at least for the 8 levels you can wear it until your Warlock's Tabard.

Personally, since I'm past the 50s with my Red Mage, I just wanted it to keep in Storage with the rest of my 50-cap gear, for when I farm Pyrodrakes in Riverne Site #B-01 for Giant Scales when I go to Monarch Linn.

Unfortunately, as many can tell you, actually getting a Subligar nowadays is pretty difficult.

Heck, it might be just me, but without a linkshell, and with all my friends in their own respective linkshells, it's difficult to try and get enough people to come along. Fortunately, Lostman randomly sent me a tell wondering if I was interested in picking up some Subligar, and of course, I replied yes. ^^

He and his group were actually there for THF Subligar, and several copies of it, too. However, because the majority of the THF mobs spawns along the top half of Sacririum, and the RDMs along the bottom half, we literally ran around and around in circles (yes, navigating the maze that many times, too!) killing all the THF and RDM mobs along the way.

The drop rate on the Subligar...leaves much to be desired. But eventually (~2 hours), our first Subligar dropped, and it was the RDM Subligar!

As it turns out, that was the only relevant Subligar that dropped for us that entire night. :( We didn't get any THF subligar, although ended up with a BLM subligar after killing off some Fomor aggro in a freak occurance.

In any case, the obligatory panty shot! :D

Spiffy panties in hand, I went down to see Brygid regarding what new ideas she's got in her head. The workings of her mind leave much to be answered, and evidently, she felt that the way to go would be a Frost Robe and Slops.

The Frost Robe, at least was easy. I just went to Jeuno and picked up a Frost Robe 5k.

But the pair of slops?? None on the AH. Nadda. Zip. Nil.

Oh, sure, Bastok had a pair, but the person there listed it for over 21k, and there was no way I was going to pay 20+k for something only worth 8k at the Jeuno AH! >_< href="http://photos1.blogger.com/hello/133/5715/640/0901%20Fashion%20Disaster.jpg">


In any case, I could put up with the humiliation for a little bit. After all, she _does_ have the Glamor Jupon that I want, so I didn't exactly have much choice. After seeing me in her "genius" (I personally fail to see where), she asked me to pick a garment from her collection. I naturally chose the Glamor Jupon, to which she asked that I bring her a Scorpius Subligar.

Thankfully, I remembered it, and I gave it to her, elicting this response,

"The aroma?!"

What kind of warped Hume girl goes around sniffing panties?! Ewww, I knew there was something wrong with them Bastokans! >_<


wyred said...

This aromaaaaaaa mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Lol, I remember being a bit freaked out by the aroma bit when I got my Shikaree Aketon.


I want one of them things, but it'll probably be a while before I take my RDM to 50.

Anonymous said...

ewww a panty sniffer!! I think SE doesn't think about what they have the NPC's say sometimes.. lol, Anywho, congrats!

Anonymous said...

lol. I thought almost the exact same thing when I got my Glamour Jupon.

Welcome back ^^