31 December, 2006

...and a Happy New Year!

Heh, just barely one week after my return, I've already managed to burn myself out. At least it wasn't all for nought, and I'm glad to see this as fruits of my labour:

Yes, I've finally gotten around to completing my BLM's Group 1 merits. About time too, I suppose.

When I came back, I found myself with Level 1 Ice potency, and a sole merit point to my name. Raising my Ice potency to Level 5 would take another 13 merit points, or 130,000xp, which I got this past week.

I don't think I've ever xp'ed this intensely before- it must be the senses kicking in to make up for lost time or something. Quite literally, when I wasn't in a merit party, I was solo'ing on my BLM, although the more scary part is that I only partied three times during the course of this past week.

It all started out by my dragging a group of people down to the Nyzul Isle to test out the new Greater Colibri camp I heard about. Suffice to say, I kept coming back here as friends kept getting back to me, saying that they, too, wanted to try this camp out after hearing my positive feedback.

Seriously, for something as squishy as Colibri, they chain for 200xp/kill ultimately yielding much better xp than say, Sea Puks. With the correct setup, they practically go down just as quick, too. I was quite surprised at how easy it was to get a pretty good 9-10k/hr rate down here, just sticking to Chain #5s, but another party with some friends from TK completely blew me away. We barely partied for two hours that day, but managed to clock an amazing 18.4k/hr rate in our time there. Definitely something I wouldn't mind again. ^^

Anyway, that should be enough promoting for now. :P

Ultimately though, I had to ask myself just what I wanted to put my merits towards. By now, I'd come to terms with settling down as both BLM and RDM as "my main jobs", and would treat it as such. The only problem is which to merit first.

In the end, despite the fact that ultimately, I think I'd prefer to be thought of as a RDM, I ended up putting my points into BLM instead. Part of it's because I always felt that I should at least finish my Group 1 merits (that, and Blizzard IV's my favourite nuke). Part of it's because I felt I needed to pull my socks up and at least try to close the (noticably large) gap between me and some of my BLM friends. Part of it's because, well, if I wanted to merit RDM, what would I merit first?

At least BLM's Group 1 merits are easy- I personally haven't heard of anyone doing anything other than Level 5 Ice and Thunder potency. But RDM is an entirely different story altogether. Heck, what Group 2 merits do I put for RDM? If anything, I'd prefer to just sit back and wait things out a little more before committing my points to RDM merits, simply because I feel it would be better to further define what my RDM will do in-game before meriting appropriately.

Part of that consideration is HNM. Admittedly, Kaeko's livejournal has gotten my interest, since a lot of it deals with actual strategy, which I particularly dig. I guess this is why I like CoP so much, since when I mean strategy, I mean more than just "throw 36 people at Tiamat + adds". Kaeko (and TK) break down a fight into several different aspects, taking advantage of each in order to maximise their efficiency, and secure a win, which I definitely approve of.

You can see it in my comments about the Airship battle or Divine Might. I like these batles, not because they are cool (although there is that), but because just throwing yourselves in there isn't going to do you any good. In order to come out successful, you need a predetermined plan in mind.

But anyway, should I ever join an HNMLS, I would have to take the other RDM's merits into account, and then maybe we could co-ordinate something together. Of course, I'm still just as wary about joining the HNM lifestyle, particularly with rl picking up, but it's still nice to muse about every once in a while. ^^

In any case, BLM Group 1 merits, complete.

Yes, and about time too.

Have a happy new year, everyone! ^^


Jynx said...

Orz I need to merit Thf some more with a meer like 6 merits put into my thief I never get the urge to exp anymore.

Oh well it will hit me someday just as it did when I hit 60 and stayed there for 3 months.

Congrats on the merits! I must try these new colibris soon! High exp flying mobs? Yes please!

Kirsteena said...

Congrats on the merits! Something I need to settle down to myself. Need so many...

Ringthree said...

Tuufless can you link my bloggie?


Anonymous said...

so what kept you out of HNMLS's before tuufless?

wyred said...

he says it's drama that's keeping him out.

But I haven't seen "drama" happen among HNMLSes in a long time. Then again, I'm not in any HNMLS except for a Sky LS.

happy new year tuuf

tk_demetrius said...

drama between LS's isn't so bad. it doesn't happen that often, and Its even kinda fun and entertaining sometimes :D Safe to say its just part of the human condition when dealing with a competitive environment.
its the drama that happens within the shell amongst the members that really destroys things. but that varies a lot from LS to LS. i wouldn't blame it on HNM in general. happens in social shells as well.

Tuufless said...

With respect to TK, my main concern is time. As far as I'm concerned, TK's done a good job at keeping /drama out of things, and besides, I really do like the feel of the linkshell, at least from an outside perspective.

I've already approached Saku, Ashi and Payu about TK, but like I said, I don't know if I will be able to adjust to the demands of an endgame linkshell, or if that's even the sort of thing for me.

Last time I tried applying, I met with good feedback, but unfortunately, when I spoke to Kaeko, we couldn't really figure out a good time for things, since I taught a class during TK's Friday outings.

That, and with real life getting more and more complicated, I don't know if I can even stick around for very long. :(

You're right when you say that drama is a result of competition. With X number of linkshells all standing in Dragon's Aery, you can be sure one linkshell's claim is not going to make the others terribly happy.

Personally, competition is good, but I'd rather have it come from elsewhere. For that reason, I abhor even the thought of camping kings, but don't mind the more closed events like Limbus or Salvage.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!! Oh what a great Christmas present and birthday present!!!! ^^

Oh happy day! Well I have gotten my whm to 75, my blm to 50, my rdm to 38 & my smn to 19.

Grats on your merits and I am glad to see a fellow taru back!