20 January, 2007

BLU13-16, Healing Breeze

One of the things that has been holding me back from leveling my BLU earlier is that, occasionally, you have a bit of a “roadblock” spell- one that you just cannot seem to learn in any effective manner.

For me, that particular spell was Healing Breeze.

The last time I tried, I tried solo’ing the Wild Dhalmel up in the Tahrongi Canyon in an attempt to learn Healing Breeze as a BLU12, but a few deaths later, I eventually gave up with that pursuit.

If memory serves me correctly, I then randomly tried leveling BLU up some more, hitting BLU13 in a Dunes party before the Dunes did to me what it usually does- turn me off leveling up yet another lowbie job.

I resigned myself to killing EP and DC mobs to level up enough so that I could eventually solo the Dhalmel (all of which were Tough mobs to me at this point) myself, until Coejus offered to help me get Healing Breeze.

His method was simple, and something which he claimed he used to help a lot of his friends learn Healing Breeze as well- as a RDM75, round up about six Wild Dhalmel, then spam Diaga over and over, giving each Dhalmel some TP in the hopes that they’d use Healing Breeze. If you paid enough attention, you can then kill said Dhalmel. If your BLU friend didn’t learn Healing Breeze, well, you still have the other five Dhalmels to go.

The problems with Dhalmel though, are twofold- first off, they have a grand total of six possible TP moves (Cold Stare, Berserk, Stomping, Sonic Wave, Whistle and Healing Breeze), so you’re already stuck hoping that the Dhalmel you fight does the correct move. Then, of course, you have the ever-present problem of actually learning the spell after said Dhalmel has been dispatched.

So basically, Coejus rounded up a herd of Dhalmel and started spamming Diaga. However, because of the large number of TP moves, it often became the case that the Dhalmels would die from the DoT without ever actually using Healing Breeze! Of the twenty or so Dhalmel that we rounded up and killed this way, I think only four _ever_ used Healing Breeze. Of course, I didn’t get to learn Healing Breeze off any of them.

I think Gorokai/Nivaud understands my frustrations when he said:
…when it came to Healing Breeze I was killing Dhalmels for 6.5 hours. I lost track of how many I killed after 200…Healing Breeze was THE WORST spell to learn.

In the end, I just decided to try and solo a Dhalmel myself, normally, for xp. I figured I’d get used to solo’ing in the meantime and just chance that a Dhalmel would use Healing Breeze. After all, I was only BLU13 at the time- I still had three levels to go before I could actually use it. For references sake, I was camping by the zone to the Meriphataud Mountains, due to the abundance of Wild Dhalmel within short distance.

It was then that I discovered how absurbly powerful BLU can be sometimes. Each Dhalmel was T, giving me I think between 120-180xp/kill. Most jobs won’t really be able to solo T mobs at this stage, at least, not without meds, but I was doing just fine.

Not only that, but really comfortably as well.

I think Maiev is correct when she said Head Butt is probably the best BLU spell. First off, it’s a very reliable Stun, only missing on occasion. But the things that make it shine are its low level requirement (BLU12), fast cast time, fast recast time (10 seconds!), and as if that wasn’t enough, it does damage, too!

Basically, I found out that, by the time I got through my initial sequence of spells: Sprout Smack, Head Butt, Feather Storm, Wild Oats, Head Butt, the Wild Dhalmel would practically be at half life, and I’d still be relatively untouched. Even then, Head Butt’s short recast meant that I’d keep the Dhalmel stunned quite a lot of the time, and I’d oftentimes emerge victorious with plenty of HP to spare.

Something I also accidentally chanced upon is that by having both Sprout Smack and Wild Oats active, I gained the job trait Beast Killer. Guess what kind of mob Dhalmels fall under? ^^ Between intimidation and Head Butt, solo’ing T Dhalmels really went by a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Only problem still was actually learning Healing Breeze.

Well, it took a while. Three levels worth of xp, in fact. Yes, I actually dinged BLU16 before actually learning Healing Breeze. It took that long. >_<

On the bright side, I then went 1/1 on Sheep Song. ^^


Darrett said...

Congratulations on finally learning healing breeze. I've helped some BLU LS members go after spells and man some of them can be extremely frustrating.

Anonymous said...


Nivaud said...

Holy necro-post Tuuf! I have NO CLUE why Healing Breeze is like this, but for some reason it is. They never used it and when they did, I never learned it.

Be glad you weren't trying to do this back when BLU actually came out like I was... It was like camping a NM when it came to claiming those stupid Elvaa.. er Dhalmels.

Hawklord2112 said...

see for me it was the other way round - Sheep Song took aaaages and Healing breeze i got after about a half hour.

still you hit the level for auto-regen with both spells needed ^_^

Maiev said...

Gratz on Breeze! That was a bitch to me too :(

More fun later when you learn stuff from bombs! XD

Anonymous said...

I watched the animation.... they actually are missing a tooth! o.O