23 July, 2006


Recently, I've taken to leveling up my Ninja in a static with Strawberrie, Darya and Ristin. Madmartigan was with us too, until Darya's work hours kinda forced things apart (Darya needs to sleep early, while MM works until late at night, soo...; ;).

In any case, I've sort of rediscovered the fun of leveling up with friends in a static. It's "warm and fuzzy" to know that there are people you know by you each step of the way, and since we're all experienced players, we get to cut through a lot of the aggravating, low-level newbs that oftentimes led me to tear (some of) my hair out. Of course, we're not completely free from them, given that there is a slot open for variance, but it's pretty good nonetheless. ^^

Even better, having a static allows me to drag them to new places to explore and document for Campsitarus! Because of that, choosing where to xp seems to have defaulted to me, not that I'm complaining though. ^^ So far, I've dragged the group down to the Korroloka Tunnel (24), the Maze of Shakhrami (25), and now, the Yuhtunga Jungle (32).

But not for Goblins and Mandragoras! No, we're fighting Soldier Crawlers. :D

In any case, we picked up Vesp (now "Vespermoo"), who has joined Darya in returning to Odin, and from now on, I think Ves has expressed interest in joining our static, which makes five of us: NIN COR BRD WHM BLM!

Of the five, four of us are taru, which meant that there was just one thing to do while waiting for the airship to dock in Kazham...

.../panic motion...

.../panic motion...

.../panic motion!

Tarutaru dance rave ftw!

It amazing how something so simple turned out to be so fun. Gorokai really was right when he said "Tarutaru get all the fun." I have to agree with him there. ^^

We even got a small audience who gathered to watch the show amidst cries of "ZOMG SOOO CUTE!!" :D

Easily the most entertaining airship ride I've had to date. ^^


Faulsey said...

Tarutaru are too overwhelmingly cute.

You guys should be driven from vana'diel, for the safety of other peoples hearts.

Hearts can't beat when they're melting!

Strawberrie said...

LOL oh man... and it's like some kind of unspoken Taru code. If there's more than three Tarus /panic dancing in a line, it is your DUTY as a Taru to join them.

Darrett said...

LOL. That was a great screenshot. Go Tarutaru!

Nivaud said...

Man, if I could do some quest or pay some 5M gil to some NPC for a permanent race conversion I would do it in a second.

I'm a taru stuck in a big ugly Hume's body. All my jobs say I shoulda been a taru... cmon SE, help people who made a mistake!!!