11 July, 2006

New players nowadays...

Of all the nerve, if there's one thing I cannot stand, it's people who ask to be babyfed. Check this out:

My guess is that some of you might understand just how I was feeling by the time I gave him my final "no" at the very end.

1) First off, "plz" is not polite.
2) Bad spelling just tells me the same thing "plz" does- you can't be friggin' bothered.
3) He hasn't done any research into the quest whatsoever.
4) And he even has the nerve to retort with a "y not"?!

People wonder why I'm so unforgiving to noobs sometimes. Really, it's not that they're aggravating because they don't know the mechanics- it's aggravating because they're rude, and refuse to take advice. I mean, it's one thing to ask someone for help, but it's another to demand to have your hand held all the way like a four-year old child.

In other news, I think I'm retiring COR. It's a bit of a pity, particularly since I leveled up a RNG sub for it, but it's just too trying to level up another job through the noob zones all over again and keep my sanity. I'm just..I don't know. Tired.

Instead, I think I'll focus on my RDM, and work on that for a bit. It sounds strange as RDM technically is my third job, but I've grown to like it more and more. It's quite sad that I'm almost never on my WHM or BLM nowadays, but what can you do? >_<

But still, I don't know how much longer I have it in me to continue playing. We shall see.


On a completely different note, here's a quick picture of something I was up to recently:

Yeah, I was surprised when Omega stood up on two legs, too. ^^


Darrett said...

Take a deep breath. Count to 10. And then laugh about it to everyone you can find. Enjoying reading about your adventures in FFXI.

Thazienne said...

Oh the tangled webs noobs weave...

Anonymous said...

ultima was ez with 12 ^-^


Anonymous said...

omega even >.>

Ristin said...

Gotta love people who refuse to try and find out how to do new things on their own... Lazy people lol

Strawberrie said...

Wait... I'm these people... I never look shit up. Ristin, help me get COR dice plz.

And yeah, RDM is mighty addicting... And WHM is really taking a back seat once RDM is 75 and can wear all my WHM gears. Kind of sad inside a little, but what'cha gonna do!

And we'll keep you in the game as long as we can D:

Triplet Power, GO!