30 July, 2006

Sorcerer's Petasos!

The highlight of my day can be summarized thusly,

One year, four months, and eighteen days after I first joined Explorer, I finally have my Sorcerer's Petasos!

Granted, it doesn't quite match the Wizard's Coat, which means that I'll probably have to start looking into getting a Sorcerer's Coat the next time I heard down to Dynamis-Beaucedine, but the hard one is finally over, although strange as it may sound, I have mixed feelings about it.

Of course I'm happy to have one of the best BLM hats in the game. Granted, it's not "ZOMG DAMAGE" like the Yigit Turban, or a Wizard's Petasos +1 to a lesser extent, but it has some very nice stats on it. In particular, the +10 to Elemental Skill is very good for reducing those pesky resists, but coupled with the Sorcerer's Coat, blows the Black Cloak out of the water.

On the other hand, I can't help but feel that maybe this should've gone to someone else, like Riot for example, who was next in line and is 4/5 on BLM AF2, I believe. The thing is- I rarely, if ever, play BLM anymore. I've said it multiple times, and with more and more of my activities focused on my RDM, I can't help but feel that perhaps this should've gone to someone else. But then again, not taking the hat when I'm finally first in line for it would've been a slap in the face of all the effort I put in over the past year or so to get to this.

But hey, Seraph told me to "wear it with pride" right after I got it, and that, I will. ^^

Now, the Duelist's Chapeau, on the other hand, has a hideously long line for that. I personally have no idea how long I'll have to wait before I get one of those, so I think I might just get around to picking up random pieces of RDM AF2 in the interim, while we (slowly) shorten the line, one hat at a time...


Anonymous said...

brd drop ;x?

Faulsey said...

Congratulations on your hat ^.^

It's probably for the best you DID take it. Chances are, while you're sort of regretting it now, you'd be kicking yourself later if you didn't.

Tuufless said...

Payu: nope- only WHM and BLM.

Faulsey: Perhaps. Unfortunately, with two other 75 jobs, including one that has since taken over as my "main" job, I've grown to be very indifferent when it comes to getting my BLM stuff nowadays.

Strawberrie said...

Damn, I look good in AF2 hat. I mean.. you.. YOU look good in it. Bah.

And you know... if you do participate in Limbus on a regular basis, getting the AF+1 Warlock's Chapeau shouldn't take very long, and I bet it'd last you until your Duelist's.

Nivaud said...

:/ we got 2x Pestasos and 3x montinonts last run...

and nothing else.