18 July, 2006

Duelist's Tights!

The highlight of my last Dynamis run, would be very nicely summarised in one picture:

Which makes me 1/5 on RDM AF2.

Wait a second, Red Mage?!

Yeah. ^^

After giving a bit of thought to things, Red Mage seems to encompass what I want out of a job. I'm barely on Black Mage anymore, which has done wonders in detaching me from really trying to work on it anymore, to the point where I'm considering passing on our next Sorcerer's Petasos, although I'm sure push comes to shove, I'll end up opting for it anyway. Feels like a waste to see it go after all this "waiting".

However, Limbus on the other hand has given me some new challenges, that is to collect and upgrade all five AF1 pieces. And if you're going to try for something like that, well, RDM AF1+1 seems to be the most spiffy of the sort, not to mention that I really do like my Chapeau. A lot. ^^

I guess a lot of it has to do with the imagery. I don't really care for Honam, or Yigit, or Zenith, or what-have-you, other than just for the sake of having it. To me, the big draw comes in the flavour of what I do, which in FF's case, lies in the various AF. I have to commend SquareEnix for this though- it's a rare opportunity that they jumped upon, and quite nicely, too. Other MMOs like World of Warcraft have similar sets of gear, but they don't capture the same feel for one's class as FF does, which has an entire ten-year history of the franchise behind it.

Now if only AF2 weren't such a pain to collect. -_-

In the long, long, LONG term, maybe a full set of AF2+1 may be in order, although I really don't see that happening anytime soon. However, I have tried talking to Lostman, our Dynamis shell's leader, and trying to convince him to take on the CoP Dynamis zones for a change of pace. We shall see what happens soon enough, I hope.

But anyway, I decided to opt for RDM AF2 on our Dynamis-Jeuno run, and sure enough, they dropped.

It's a very nice replacement for the Druid Slops that I've been wearing all this time, with the +10 Elemental Magic skill clearly outclassing the +5 from the slops. My only problem is that I quite liked the red top + white/gray trouser look, but I guess I could get used to this. ^^

In addition, unlike BLM AF2, it looks as if all of RDM AF2 is actually pretty decent, so I suppose I'll have more to look forward to in terms of actually collecting AF2 pieces, rather than like, pass on our umpteenth Sorcerer's Gloves. >_<


Taritai said...

^^ Just wanted to say congratulations!

:D I finally got up the nerve to comment!

Chummy said...

Congratulations! Finally got some new AF! =P

Darrett said...

Congratulations on getting your AF2 (well the first part anyways). lol@taritai.

Anonymous said...

congrats tuufy ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Jynx said...

Grats on getting 1/5 of the worst AF2 set to get XD, Just wait till you can participate in Rdm hat drama :p

Nivaud said...

grats on the tights. When I got mine I did alot of testing with the nuking... I found Errant Slops and their INT+ to make spells about 10% stronger than with my tights on.

They ARE excellent for soloing hard mobs and using ice spikes... I personally feel like the paralyze/shock effects not only activate twice and many times but last twice as long thn without the tights. The DEX is nice too. Get some Warlock's Gloves+1 and you can have DEX+11 on your hands and legs!!!