27 May, 2006

White Mage. Seventy. Five. ^^

One thing that's always been bugging me at the back of my head, is that when I first set out into Vana'diel, my first "real" job was a White Mage, yet, I had gotten both BLM75 and RDM75, but for some reason, WHM, my first real job, was still lagging behind.

Now, I say "real", because technically, when I set my first foot into Vana'diel long, long ago, I was BLM. At least, I leveled up to BLM12 before a real life friend decided to join in, and I then switched over to WHM so we could level together (which we ended up rarely doing, btw. -_-)

I eventually took my WHM all the way up to Level 61 before shifting focus back onto BLM for reasons, I don't really remember.

But anyway, I digress.

Like I said, since then, I had leveled both my "second" and my third job to 75, while my first job stayed behind, and this was something that had been bothering me lately. Thus, these past few days, I've had WHM75 pretty high on my list of "things to do".

The good news was that when I dinged RDM75, I had already leveled up to WHM70 through occasional parties here and there, so the final push to 75 wasn't all that tough, except that the period between 70-73 felt particularly long since nobody really wanted a WHM for their TP spam parties, and I had to literally coax some friends into taking me into their merit parties as a WHM72. Once I hit 73 though, it was fiarly smooth sailing, especially with the new ToAU camps that easily net me around 10k/hr xp. It still felt like it took a pretty darn long time though, but eventually, I got my goal. ^^

White Mage. 75. ^^

The mage trinity is complete! /joy (well, except for BLU, but that doesn't count! :P)


Jynx said...

Grats...I've yet to even get a second job near 75...

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations!!!

Paul said...

Congratulations Tuufless ^^

veelea said...

Congrats TaruTaru! ^.^