16 May, 2006

Kraken Club {fun}

I haven't been able to play much recently, due to several deadlines looming over my head, as well as some final projects that needed to get done. >_<

However, I managed to snick in some time recently, and had a bit of fun. ^^ Starfox took me on an Assault through the Lebros Cavern (that's the one where you have to demolish the walls) with just three people, netting each of us a juicy 1999 Assault points each. ^^ I'm not sure entirely on the details, but we went with MNK RDM RDM, and it's pretty important that the MNK is well equipped with all the haste-esque gear they can get their hands on. We cleared the Assault with five minutes to spare, so I think we're onto something here. ^^

But in other news, I was also helping out some friends, and got my hands on a new toy in the meantime:


Heh, it's not mine, but one of my friends was nice enough to lend it to me to play around with, and holy cripes, a Kraken Club is fun to play around with. I was literally in my seat giggling like a little taru schoolgirl watching me relentlessly clobber away with a KC in my paws. The TP build is ridiculous, too- I've never gotten TP so quickly before, and spamming (rather weak) weaponskills was very fun. Perhaps I should see if I can borrow it again for skilling up my club some other time, because I'd sure like one to use for that then. XD

I've also hit WHM73 in a merit party with Starfox in the Bhaflau Thickets, and in a rare occurance, the place was actually, y'know, empty. o.O

Well, not completely empty, I think there was maybe one or two other parties there, but there were enough mobs to get the infinite chain going. Our Bard was new to pulling, and we had to take a little timeout to explain how merit pulling works, but after that, the Bard caught on pretty quickly, and we got all the way up to Chain #106 (my first 100+ chain! ^^) before we called for a break, since people's concentration was waning.

I was WHM/SMN for that, and despite being lower level than everyone else, I wasn't really in any danger of running out of mana, not with Refresh, two Auto-Refreshes, and two Ballads going on, and Ninjas to boot. Anyway, hopefully I'll hit WHM75, and then it's time to start contemplating what to do next. ^^


Jynx said...

I do pray someday I get a exp invite into that area, I'd love to get closer to my turban

Birac said...