10 May, 2006

Goodbye Berrie ; ;

Two days ago, I was making my usual tour of the various blogs I read, when I came across Strawberrie's blog, entitled Tarunation! I was surprised to then find that Berrie had decided to quit the game. ; ;

To be honest, I guess I could've suspected it was coming. I noticed that Berrie had been logging on less and less as of late, and I know she and I share similar feelings regarding the endgame. I don't remember where exactly she said it, but she mentioned in one of her comments in this blog that she too, is essentially "done" with this game, and that her husband, Vagus, is what keeps her going.

Well, she and Vagus parted a few days ago and went their separate ways, and so, naturally, she chose to quit. I don't fault her decision, and if anything, it gives a sense of closure to her FFXI career, although admittedly, such an end could've gone better.

I don't even have any recent pictures with Berrie, save for this picture I took a long, long time ago in a party up in the Au'Aun Gardens,

I'm a little sad that I didn't even get to say /goodbye to Berrie on her last day in Vana'diel, but I suppose I must've missed her given my recent commitments in this thing we call "real life".

It's a little strange that Berrie and I are friends even though we almost never see each other in-game. Usually when she is online, she is out doing something with Vagus, and their activities (as well as time) don't really coincide with mine. As such, much of our communication comes through in our blogs, which is strange, since I never really expected our blogs to be our medium of contact.

Granted, she leaves more comments on my blog than I did on hers, so perhaps this "communication" was a little one-sided, but it was very nice to see her comments (as it is from everybody else's!) after a new post. To be honest, I'm at a loss for words here, as I don't really know how to describe it, but I guess those of you who also update a blog of your own might understand.

In any case, here's wishing Strawberrie the best of luck in her future endeavours! ^^


Jynx said...

Ya I was kinda shocked when I read her blog...I always liked reading it...I like to see what others do ingame unlike me while I idle half my time away.

Strawberrie said...

After about a week of moping around my house, I realized I had nothing better to do. I also realized I had a few people that were still willing to spend game time with me - like Madmartigan and Ristin.

And after a few days of being back, and a few more ugly fights, Vagus and I actually made up, at least as far as friendships go. So it seems I still have reasons to play.

It just won't be the same anymore.