25 September, 2005

Welcome to Bastok / Job headaches.

A few days ago, I said farewell to my dear Windurst, and set out to transfer my citizenship over to Bastok. For one, I was in need of something to do, and switching over to a new country would let me explore that country's particular storyline (which by the way, are generally very well done).

It's just too bad I already miss Windurst. ; ;

Everytime I go back now, the people talk to me as if I'm some foreigner. Ah well, I shall return in time! (And with Windurst's greatest victory yet...mwahahahaha...)

Tearing through the initial rank missions as a Level 75 BLM is frighteningly easy, even the really long-winded quests that require me to teleport all the way to the Crag of Dem, trade a crystal to the telepoint, and Warp all the way back. However, I've hit a little bit of a road block at Mission 2-3, which is the 25-cap Dragon fight. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I'm just waiting on Eratosthenes and Chummy (both of whom jumped over to Bastok with me) to catch up so we can do it together. That, and I think Onekomaru is also stuck as a Rank 2 San d'Orian, so that's 4/6 down.

I've also been having a bit of a mid-life crisis as of late regarding what job do I consider myself as. With that, I've been reassessing my options, figuring out what I really should do.

First on the list is Black Mage. My option here would basically be to twink out my BLM. In terms of gear, that's a fairly sizeable price tag, with a Phantom Tathlum, an Uggalepih Pendant, an Igqira Lappa, and a pair of Snow Rings on the "can buy" list. However, the problem with trying to twink out Black Mage is getting the pieces that I cannot buy, in other words, Rostrum Pumps, and most of all, my Sorcerer's Coat and Sorcerer's Petasos.

While the Rostrum Pumps isn't too difficult given my connection with BBQGold, the AF2 pieces, on the other hand, are proving to be very difficult.

Here's the situation. Due to my class schedule this semester, I can only make one of Explorer's two Dynamis runs a week. In addition to my computer breaking down for six weeks awhile ago, and my only being able to attend once weekly when I was back home (4-8am Dynamis runs {No thanks.}), I'm at the point where several of the "newer" Black Mages have accumulated more points than I have. As I write, I think I am the fourth BLM waiting in line for the Sorcerer's Petasos to drop.

The problem is, I don't feel we spam Dynamis-Xarcabard enough to get the hats, or we just have horrible luck when it comes to getting the Petasos. So far, I think just over three Duelist's Chapeaus have dropped, while just one Sorcerer's Petasos has. That, and as the linkshell grows, more and more Black Mages are coming in.

I don't even know what our Dynamis schedule in the long run looks like. Previously, all the ice runs were saved for Wednesdays, which is the day I cannot make it, while the regular zones were reserved for Saturdays. I think that might have switched now, and I hope it has since that means I'll actually be able to come to any Dynamis-Beaucedine or Dynamis-Xarcabard runs we do.

However, the problem still remains. In the long run against all the new BLMs that can attend twice a week, I lose. Right now, I'm fourth in line, and I think I have a 100-point buffer between myself and the next BLM (I'm last in line from my "generation", or so to speak ; ;). That gives me roughly a ten week buffer to get my hat before the rest catch up and I have to wait even longer. Can we get four Sorcerer's Petasos in ten weeks? Somehow, I'm not so confident about that.

In addition, I've been feeling rather...saddened by Explorer. Call it a lack of respect, or what you will, but I've been in Explorer for quite some time now, and while I love some of the people in the linkshell, it seems like my existence isn't even acknowledged. I posted something on the BBS letting them know because of school conflicts, I couldn't make this past Saturday's run. Kitsume also had plans, and such , couldn't make it either. But what does Elmas post in reply to both our posts? "Ok Kitsume, have a nice day," leaving me somewhat speechless about it all. Do I even exist? I mean, sure, I haven't been able to attend as of late due to circumstances outside of my control, but it's getting to the point where I'm wondering if I should even stick around Explorer.

I might have disappointed Elmas in the past. I know there was one time when I said I couldn't make it because it was late at night (I was at home) and Elmas asked me to join, to which I apologized and said I couldn't make it. /sigh...it's unfortunate, but what can I do?

Anyway, next on the list is White Mage. Several members in TrueRune knew me first as WHM, and as such, they feel I should finish the job. In addition, it would be nice to actually use that scroll of Raise III that's been collecting in my mule's Mog Safe (and has since depreciated by 300k, too -_-). Another candidate would be Red Mage, but other than a Joyeuse, there's nothing else I really want from it. Finally, there's Summoner, which is one of the more appealing classes to me, at least in idea. Going Summoner main also solves the problem of getting my AF2 done, since of all the mage classes, it is the one with the lowest demand.

There's also the question of "Why am I leveling up all these jobs, anyway?" It's not like I'm in an endgame linkshell where flexibility with jobs is nice, and even then, they'd want me as BLM anyway.

Argh, enough of that. I'm getting a headache again. Besides, this is getting long enough already. >_<


Railston said...

Awwwwww poor tuuf I know what you mean by that mid life crisis thing ;_; Lol having drk, thf, blm myself it's always a battle of what to level or be your main. And dynamis blm af2 is brutal, GWS has only 1 blm body and 0 hats in total. I remember you whm too, lol that was long ago =O. I'll help you with anything you need tuuf you know that :P so just sit back and have some fun :p

Strawberrie said...

I spend months pimping out my BRD, camped Joyeuse, spent Dynamis points for AF2 pieces, and now... I never, and I mean never, play BRD. It makes me feel like it was all almost a waste. I know what you're going through and unfortunately I have no words of encouragement to offer you. Except maybe going for Maat's Cap. :P

Strawberrie said...

Oh, and the dragon mission is retardedly easy. Four people your skill level can breeze right through it, don't need six.

Onekomaru said...


i have 75 rng that noone wants. i'm always wanted as whm, i know how it feels.

blm, smn, rdm, and whm are all pretty high demand though, i think either way would be a good choice.