03 September, 2005

Silver Smelter!

While I now have a Goldsmithing blog that contains all the nitty-gritty of my Goldsmithing career, this event is major enough to warrant inclusion in the main Bloggaru. ^^

Simply put, after a grueling round of turning many many Platinum Ingots into Platinum Earrings, I had finally attained Goldsmithing 68! That let me take my guild rank test to become a Goldsmithing Artisan. ^^

The test, unfortunately, wasn't exactly for the faith of heart (but then again, what part of Goldsmithing is?). The item I was asked for was a Mythril Breastplate. Upon checking the Jeuno and Bastok AH'es, they were going for around 50k each, and none were in stock. That did not bode very well, since it probabl meant that the cost of production was a lot higher. >_<

As it turned out, making a Mythril Breastplate wasn't too much more expensive- all I needed was two pieces of Ram Leather, two Mythril Sheets, and two Darksheet Sheets. Thankfully, with my Smithing and Leathercraft, I could make all of that, and ended up saving a tidy sum of cash in the process. :D

Fortunately, the Mythril Breastplate did not break while I was making it, otherwise I'd be a very /angry taru! >_<

But the real reason why I was so excited was that getting Artisan status finally let me trade my long saved guildpoints into something I always wanted- my Goldsmith's Apron. This is the guild's gear that is only attainable by Goldsmiths ranked Artisan (68) and above, and costs 100,000 guild points.

I've had the guild points for a while now, but because of the cost of skilling Goldsmithing, haven't been able to skillup to Goldsmithing 68...

...until today. ^^

When the person in charge of the guildpoint items asked me if I wanted to trade 100,000 points for a Goldsmith's Apron, I couldn't select "Yes" fast enough. ^^

WOOHOO! My goal for over the past year had been achieved! :D

Words cannot really describe how happy I am to finally get my apron. Granted, it's a rather spiffy (and expensive!) piece of "in-town" gear, but wearing the apron just makes you look so...accomplished. :D I feel like one of the select few advanced Goldsmithers, despite the fact that I'm only 68 and have a looooong way to go, but that can wait! ^^

For now, I think I'll just take a break and celebrate. ^^


Strawberrie said...

Woooh, it looks good on you! Congrats!

Chummy said...

Woo! Congratulations. 4k more cp and i'll be able to switch ranks with u.