12 September, 2005

One Year Ago...

Most of my readers will probably not remember today for what has happened in the past. While in the real world, this ubiquous day marked the day the whole world was turned upside-down some four years ago. I, quite by coincidence, also decided to pen my very first bloggaru entry on this very day, one year ago.

I'd like to take today to look back upon this past year to see what has changed between then and now.

For starters, I've completed my three sets of mage AF. One year ago, I was just a fledgling WHM54, and hadn't met most of the people who are my linkshell mates yet. In fact, I hadn't even met Akanea and the rest of the TrueRune gang at this time. One year ago, I was fighting Shiva, my first prime avatar fight, and would go on to clear Genkai 2 in an alliance within two days. Within a few weeks, I would embark upon leveling my Black Mage with renewed vigour, and would eventually take Black Mage up to 75.

I've also leveled my Red Mage to level 60. I've since tried my hand at both sky, and HNM, as well as the odd Dynamis run here and there and have faced two of the big CoP dragons. Rank 10 in Windurst is also mine.

Strangely enough, my Goldsmithing has not improved all that much. While I don't remember quite what level I was at the time, my records hint at Goldsmithing 37. Right now, I'm Goldsmithing 68, so gained 31 skill levels in one year. Either that is a testimony to how difficult Goldsmithing is as a newish player, or just how stingy I am with my money. >_<

Looking through my archived entries, here is how 'ol Tuufless has grown over the past twelve months:

September 2004: Attained Rank 6, completed WHM AF. ^^
October 2004: Leveling BLM, Attained Rank 7, got my Moldy. (First try, too! ^^)
November 2004: Attained Rank 9. ^^
December 2004: First BLM party, got my Shaded Spectacles ^^
January 2005: Completed my NQ staves set, BLM overtakes WHM. :P
February 2005: First Hakutaku run, Defeated Maat. ^^
March 2005: Beat Fenrir, first Dynamis run, gained sky access, first KS30 Operation Desert Swarm run, first HNM fight (Serket)
April 2005: First god fight (Seiryu), Alchemy 60, Smithing 60, Hit BLM75. ^^
March 2005: Kirin Captivator, Goldsmithing 60, beat Divine Might. ^^
June 2005: Completed my HQ staves set. ^^
July 2005: Computer broke down...orz
August 2005: Completed RDM AF, first dragon fight, Dynamis Lord {fear}

I've seen many things in this one year. I've seen many friends come and go. Looking at what other people have accomplished, I can't help but feel that I go about things a whole lot slower than others, but I guess that's just me.

In any case, this is a /cheer to all that this bloggaru has been dutifully noting down in its archives. ^^


For interest's sake, here is the very first post that I entered into this bloggaru, which long-time readers might remember as originally being hosted on Freewebs.


September 11, 2004- Hier to the Great Ice

"Who interrupts my slumber?
Was I dreaming for but an instant,
or an eternity?
The radiance that illuminates all, lost...
Which is the real world, and which is
the dream?
Am I...?
But enough...
Wager your life to prove your skill.
Let us see if you can provide me
with a moment of amusement.
Are you ready, you who is one yet many?"

Ah, FF. For the first time since I got here, the school network is actually giving me little trouble to the point where I can (finally) play FF again. And what can one accomplish in one day's worth of Final Fantasy?

Okay, so performance just had to be at its peak in the morning as I was about to go to class. Boo. Hoo. At least things eased up later at night, and tonight marked the beginning of the road to becoming what Tuuf was always meant to be (before that fateful encounter with a Taru in WHM AF)- a Summoner.

The above quote comes from the introduction to the battle with Shiva Prime, and I imagine all the other summons are more or less the same. After Ben told me that a WHM54 could take on Shiva (with the appropriate party), the deal was set. He went off, became a Roc Star again (cheesy titles R' Us) while I was furiously feeding some Selbina farmer's sheeps stacks of moss until the either the cows came home, I ran out, or the sheep exploded, whichever came first.

At least I got this when I spoke to the guy at the inn:

"Lady Tuufless! There isn't a soul in the kingdom that doesn't consider you a hero! As a representative of the people of San d'Oria, I humbly ask you to continue your efforts for the good of the country. May the light of the Goddess shine upon you!"

Level. Ten. Fame.

Oh, yeah. ^^

After fighting Shiva Prime in the Cloister of Frost battle arena, I am somewhat disappointed. I had previously cleared my PlayOnline screenshot gallery to make room for pretty pictures of Shiva, but the battle was intensive, and I forgot to take any pictures. Sad, ain't it? It was a hard battle, although probably not as hard as actually starting the battle, given the numerous things that happened to the party along the way, culminating in a "All right! Finally here!"

"Wait, isn't it Iceday?"


Nonetheless, just over one hour later, we fought (and beat) Shiva Prime. It was a tough battle, and Ben almost died (just to give you guys an idea). Some 2-hr abilities later, we have a defeated Shiva with just one casualty to boot. All in all, a good day, but one that's leaving me very tired out. At least this'll get me over jet lag. :D (I get the feeling this entry's overly rushed...)

Peace out.

"...Impressive, child of Vana'diel.
We sleep in a time that is neither
an instant, nor an eternity.
Is this world a dream,
or is the dream world an illusion...?
Very well, child of Vana'diel.
I will grant you a fragment of my power
to bring order to chaos."


wyred said...

"You've come a long way..."
- Maat

Railston said...

wow tuff, that was so long ago >.< I remember when we used to level whm and drk together back then :P Now look at us, both 75 blm's and doing the same things. Congratz on all you did

Strawberrie said...

You said "Peace out."

:D :D :D

Yes, must have been ages ago.