11 September, 2005

Recent ongoings...

Classes have now started, which means I'm back in the U.S. of A.

It also means that my playing time has been rather...cut short, for obvious reasons, but oh well. I still manage to get in a little bit here and there, but all I really do now is craft up a bit here and there.

I've finally managed to get my Woodworking up to 60, capping my third craft. I'm not sure which I will work on next, whether I will move on to Clothcraft, complete Bonecraft or Leatherworking, or just focus full-time on Goldsmithing. I suspect the latter won't happen due to an in-built reluctance to shell out 1 million gil on a stack of Platinum Ingots. I guess I might end up doing so anyway, but until then, I'll be taking things slowly.

Recently, a lot of TrueRune's members have been leveling up Summoners, and as such, I seem to have gotten quite a few requests to make (and sign!) a pair of Energy Earrings +1, which are well, quite a pain to make. Contrary to popular belief, an Energy Earring +1 is not the HQ2 of an Onyx Earring, rather it is the HQ1 result of a different Onyx Earring recipe. By combining an Onyx with a Silver Earring, you stand a chance to HQ into an Energy Earring, but if you want an Energy Earring +1, you need to HQ using a Silver Earring +1.

Silver Earrings +1 fetch a pretty penny at 20k each too, so trying to make an Energy Earring +1 isn't exactly for those who are tight with their cashflow. Then again, I've reached the 51-tier for Silver Earrings so I can just make them myself, although I still cringe at all the potential profits I throw away just to make a pair of Energy Earrings +1. Then again, selling the Silver Earrings +1 are a little difficult so I can try to make Energy Earrings +1 for faster sales...

...that's assuming I stop trying to sign them and actually release them to the AH. >_<

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