27 February, 2005

Return to King Ranperre's Tomb

We're back, and we're back to King Ranperre's Tomb to teach those nasty-wasty skeletons that Black Mages are not to be trifled with! Much has changed since the last time we came. We're now Level 69 and above, armed with the bane of undead all over- Firaga III.
It started out slow, but after a good hour or so of trying to complete the party, we managed to set off to King Ranperre's Tomb with four Black Mages, a Bard, and a Summoner. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm convinced that once you hit the Firaga III BLM parties, a Summoner is very much needed, if only for Carbuncle pulls since it's too dangerous to have someone who can be aggroed try to pull. Summoners, on the other hand, can Sneak themselves, and have Carby pull the mob back to camp safely, which at this point in the game, was pretty darn high up in our priorities.

/em recalls the last expedition to King Ranperre's Tomb.

At first, I thought we'd just take out the Spartoi Soldiers, although in the end, that certainly did not turn out to be the case. Everything was fair game to us- even the Spartoi Sorcerers and Lemures (Ghosts) went down with no problems whatsoever! It was just too bad that we were playing in peak hours- the Tomb was crowded to no end, and I think we must've shared our camp with at least two other parties.

So anyway, Carbuncle would go pull. Carbuncle returns with undead in tow. No need for Sleep this time (not like we could land Sleep on an undead anyway), just Firaga III when in range, then an assortment of Stuns and Fire IIIs for the kill. Great fireballs and pillars of flame shot up, lag spiked, the undead died {Huh?!}, and we all /cheer-ed.

We had to end early though- since it took such a long time to complete the party, we had set off around half past one in the morning, and after an hour, Hirushi couldn't take it any more- he even "neochi"'ed on us, meaning that he fell asleep at the keyboard. ^^

We were sorry to have to end so quickly, but we disbanded in high spirits. It was a very good (and fun!) experience for all of us- us BLMs had never done a Firaga party before, having used Ancient Magic up to now, and this was even one BLM's first BLM party! He kept thanking me in /tell for the fun time, which was very nice indeed. ^^

In other news, I joined a party with the intent on killing Ramuh for my Whisper of Storms. It was pretty much the same old fight as before, except that he didn't do his AoE Paralyze attack on us which made things a whole lot easier. Since we were in the Cloister of Storms, we also ended up helping our SMN58 with the first part of his AF3 battle- a fight against two NM Weapons, named Thunder Gremlin and Lightning Gremlin.

We didn't know what to expect of them, and just figured we'd do the old standby of sleeping one and fighting the other. That is, until we tried an {Elemental Seal}-{Sleep II} on one and it got resisted. >_< Guess they can't be slept then. :P

In the end, we ended up fighting one Weapon, while Aable kited the other weapon up and down the ramp that leads to the top of the arena. One of the weapons' (Lightning Gremlin) attacks drains TP when it connects, and the other (Thunder Gremlin) drains MP, so in retrospect, Aable should've kited the Lightning Gremlin instead of the Thunder. :P

So we were merrily going on killing the weapons...when I disconnected. >_< At least the others managed to win anyway, and I met them outside the battlefield when I logged back in again. Still was embarrassing though. >_<

Finally, the Doom LS did an escourt quest! We were trying to get Anipheus one of those xp papers so that he can fight Maat the "cheating" way, and so, with a few of us in tow, we all embarked on the quest to escourt Olavia through the Crawler's Nest. It was a little cumbersome at first, since we didn't quite know how to control the NPC, who is quite prone to getting aggro, but with everyone in the LS in the 60+ levels, we easily cleared the way for Olavia...that is, once we figured out how to command her to stop and move on. >_<

Still need to hit Level 70 and fight Ifrit. Also need to work on the Zilart missions soon, too- I want to see {sky}! ^^

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