11 February, 2005

One Week Later...

Hello-wello! It's been a looooooooooong time since my lastaru update! So many things have been happening, I haven't really had the time to play much these past few days- only really managing to squeeze in an hour of mining a day. That, and recent happenings in-game have taken an ugly turn, which I won't get into.

Mining in Oldton Movalpolos has been really nice to me lately. It seems that since I hit Goldsmithing 55 (well, technically 54 plus shades), I seem to be able to HQ2 out Gold Ingots a lot more regularly than normal. Or it could just be me, and I simply had a lucky streak. But I'm not complaining about that. I was literally Warping out of the mines loaded with Ingots ready for sale in Jeuno. Having my Smithing up is really nice now, since I can make Darksteel Ingots out of the Darksteel Ore that I find- not so common in Oldton, but Gusgen....mmmm...

...and the chinese gilsellers aren't there anymore! :D (at least, for now :P)

The end result is that over the period of about a week (and a bit more, when I didn't mine), I finally managed to scrounge up enough money to go get my Elemental Torque! With the torque now in hand (or neck, whichever you prefer), it was time to tear up some more mobs. So I got a BRD (Hirushi), called around for some BLM friends, and...yep, that's right.

{Black Mage}{Party}{Power} :D.

We started killing Bark Tarantulas in the Boyahda Tree, and after a while, we noticed that Hirushi was starting to have some trouble pulling the spiders fast enough. The xp was decent, like, 160 a kill, but it wasn't fantastic. Eventually, I managed to convince the party to try out someplace else. Yep, we ended up xp-ing in {Dragon's Aery)! Same old plan. The Bark Tarantulas there were a little harder (considerably so in some cases), but they still fell to the ridiculous power that is a Black Mage party. We didn't get ridiculous xp since Goreth was BLM67 at the time, but Chain #3 for 310 was still nice. That, and we were now getting 200+xp a kill more frequently, which is always nice. ^^

It was rather funny though- some of us received /tells from other people trying to complete their parties. They were all looking for a Black Mage to complete things, but alas, we were off doing our own things! >_< In the end, we decided to all go /anon, lest people find out what was going on. That, and up to the time (during the Superbowl), I had never seen the Boyahda Tree so empty. Nor was Lower Jeuno ever so lag-free, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. :P

Anyway, since then, I haven't had the opportunity to xp again. Still half way to 67...

In the meantime, I've been mining away as usual, trying to raise money for my other wants. I figure since I'll be casting Freeze quite a bit, I might as well get cracking down on trying to get my Aquilos Staff. Then after that, a Penitent's Rope would be nice, although by that time, I probably would be able to wear a Black Cloak (or Demon's Cloak- hah!). Today, took advantage of a shortage of Darksteel, and managed to (at least temporarily) push the going price of Darksteel Ingots to 20k/ea. in Jeuno! I wonder how long it'll stay up there though...Mining Gusgen's starting to look more appealing with such prices. That, and I managed to hit Smithing 52 in the process, too. ^^

Lemme see...what other {Hmmm.}s are there? Ah, I was helping out with a Dark Spark fight, and teleported into Xarcabard. As we had a WHM75 with us, I brought my BLM along. Bear in mind that this is, I think, the first time I've stepped into Xarcabard as a Black Mage, and as the familiar sight of us teleporting into the Northlands appeared on my screen, all of a sudden, I got a cutscene!

I was very mystified at this, and told the others to go on, while I tried to figure out just what this cutscene meant. I thought {Windurst}{Mission} 9-2, maybe? After all, I had worked with Traktor to get the first part of the mission done- collecting the three ancient song verses. Now all that's left is the final BCNM for Rank 10. {/grin}.

Raogrimm: Tuufless…

Now that I have passed from the mortal realm, I have only you to turn to. The time left to me is short. Thirty years ago, I came into contact with the insidious power of this land, and rose from the grave. However, at the same time, this world laid claim to a part of my soul…

I have been released from the hate that consumed me, but the half of my soul that was taken captive all those years ago is calling to me…It has become a towering darkness. A raging hatred, spawned from the depths of my being…

Very soon, I will be drawn into that soul. I no longer have the strength to resist. The soul that was divided will become whole once more, and that rage will take on physical form.

A new Shadow Lord will be born. Surely you have sensed the growing evil? The beastman armies that are imprisoned here are massing for battle. They plan a return to the world of their origin, the realm that exists beneath the light of hope.

My link to you will soon be severed, so listen carefully. Thirty years ago, an expeditionary squad formed from the elite soldiers of each nation was sent to investigate the Northlands. You must have been their memories when you first laid your hand upon the chunks of magicite.

Seek out the markings that the expedition members left behind. They will aid you in gaining entrance to this world.

You must defeat the Shadow Lord before our unification is complete. My hopes go with you, Tuufless.

It now became clear. "Markings"? There was only one set of such markings I knew of, and that was the Trail Markings found in the three cities, Jeuno, the Beaucidine Glacier, and Xarcabard. Yep, I finally got it. The introduction to Dynamis- the Shrouded Land. :D

I even have an invitation to join Anora's Dynamis Linkshell, since they need more Black Mages. Personally, I'm quite excited about it, although I said I'd want to get certain things before I join them in Dynamis. Sleepga II would be a good start to that. >_< They plan on hitting Dynamis-Jeuno and Dynamis-Windurst, so that's something to look forward to. ^^

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