20 February, 2005

Looking for Bronze...

7:57, at the Metalworks Blacksmithing guild store, waiting for the shop to open for the day...



/em takes deep breath in...


Enter, enter, down, down, down, enter, left, enter, up, enter.

You are unable to carry out that purchase.


I hate guild campers.

No, wait. Let me reword that.

I HATE guild campers.

Normally they don't particularly bother me, except for this one time, I happened to need Bronze Ingots en masse. After capping out Sairui-Ran for my Alchemy a few days ago, I've been looking around for what to skill up on next. Traditionally, the route dictates either Silent Oils to 29, which are a significant loss, or Glass Fiber Rods, which are also a loss, and then Minnows and Potions, both, you guessed it, losses.

Then I noticed that Bronze Bolt Heads are actually profit if done correctly. The reason most people ignore them is because of their Smithing subcraft requirement, but I already have that covered! The guild sells Bronze Ingots at 144 gil each, the Animal Glue is Fire Crystal + Rabbit Hide + two Bone Chips for 800 gil. Distilled Water is 11 gil, and then the Fire Crystal is another 350 gil. Two synths make a stack of Bronze Bolt Heads, costing me 2,610 total, and they sell for 4,000 gil on the AH. Profit? {Yes, please.}

The problem here is somehow getting ahold of said Bronze Ingots. See, while the guild sells them at 144 each, the simple fact that stacks of Bronze Ingots go like hotcakes off the AH for at least 8,000 a stack means that people have taken to camping the guild, waiting for it to open, and then buying the twelve new pieces of Bronze Ingots that the guild receives for the guy, costing them 1,728 and a little bit of sore fingers. In return, they sell the stack on the AH for around 6,200 gil profit. Simple, eh? One person, Lucita, seems particularly practiced at this. His name occupies the majority of the Bronze Ingot history, and on my numerous attempts to try and snag some Bronze Ingots of my own, I see him log in just before the clock strikes 8, presumably buy up the Ingots, then log straight back out again. Given that he'd had to consistently beat all the other people who camp the guild, one natural conclusion is that he's botting, or just has an uber connection.

So, I couldn't get my Ingots that one time, no biggie, I'll just try again later.

Seven tries later, I'm starting to get pretty annoyed.

It doesn't look like I'll be skilling up my Alchemy anytime soon, although realistically, I could still break even skilling up on Bronze Bolt Heads if I just sucked it up and bought up the stack for 8k each, although that leaves me very little room for breaks. I know, I probably shouldn't be complaining about it since not only is it breakeven, I should have plenty of money to spare. Actually, I do...sort of.

Darksteel Ingots have risen back up to 20k/ea. I guess part of this is due to the weekend, and the higher traffic means for more purchases. Whatever the case may be, I checked the AH history to take a look at the prices there so I could list up some of my Darksteel Ingots, and saw the start of a 20k/ea. trend. Thanks to several purchases, I have about 15 Ingots on me, so I put three up for sale while contemplating selling the stack of Ingots, or turning them into Darksteel Sheets for skillup.

Later that day, I found all three Ingots sold, and no more Ingots on the AH.

I quickly put up six more Ingots, so at the time of writing, all six Darksteel Ingots on the Jeuno AH are mine. Mwahahahahaha...

After that, I headed down to Bastok to try and get my Bronze Ingots yet again, and also to replenish my Darksteel Ore supply. Selling those six Ingots destroyed my stack, and I was looking to replenish it. Randomly checking a few Bazaars (Note: If your Bazaar has Ores in it, PLEASE wear mining gear! >_<), I came across this guy with quite a few Darksteel Ores for sale at 9,500 each. Cheaper than the AH, too. ^^

I quickly bought up the five Darksteel Ores that I needed to compelte my stack (Wyred sold me one). It was then that I noticed he had quite a bit of Darksteel Ores in his Bazaar. Scrolling down past the 1k Lightning Clusters (which I wanted, but didn't buy ; ;), I saw, even more Darksteel Ores!

SIXTEEN Darksteel Ores later, he still had (a few) more to go, but I was out of money. ; ; At least, I would've liked to buy the rest of them, but I was now down to just a scant 30k, which would have to go towards buying Iron Ores to turn them into Darksteel Ingots. Ah well...Hopefully my Ingots would've sold by tomorrow so I can put some more up for sale. ^^

Also completed the Gustaberg Tour quest today. A BRD72 randomly messaged me while I was /anon, asking me if I wanted to do the quest. For those who don't know, the quest involves making a party of players who are at the most Level 5, and reaching this Galka in North Gustaberg. We had an escout, a BLM72 who'd Fire all the Quadavs who would have otherwise aggro'ed us, and we managed to complete the quest pretty quickly. T'was a refreshing break from the usual scheme of things. ^^

Finally, "The Crew" got together once more for another round of mass nuking, this time with a new addition, Biostar, aboard. We decided to try out King Ranperre's Tomb for curiosity's sake, and since Rhydia was with us, she had the Firaga III that we needed. We were horribly underleveled for the area, but the feeling of immortality that comes when Black Mages travel in groups was obviously, well...

...long story short, Sneak dropped in an untimely place, there was a lot of {death}, {death}, and even more {death}. Hirushi and Cannon bit the dirt floor when Sneak wore off drawing the attention of Spartoi Sorcerers, and Rhydia and I actually bit the dust twice. With six deaths before we even got started, we had a mutual agreement to stay away from King Ranperre's Tomb until we were around Level 70. In the end, we all decided to head off to Dragon's Aery to actually try to get some xp going. Suffice to say, we weren't exactly feeling terribly adventurous after all that. >_<

BUT! We will be back! ^^

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