24 November, 2004

'Ere be Dragons.

Several things happened in the past few days that're worthy of mention. I have been leveling my White and Black Mages, and they are now 61 and 51 respectively. I've had my share of accidents, however, and the party in the Monastic Cavern was no exception. Let's say it involved a wrong turn into an HNM that wiped out half of us. Bad times. At least I still got Level 61, and learned Cure V!

Speaking of Cure V, this spell is a godsend. My only complaint about it is that it has a rather long casttime, but when you can heal 667hp in one fell swoop and gain LESS aggro than a Cure IV for 440, what's there not to like? Granted, the Paladin might not appreciate you letting him hit the red just so you can Cure V him back to full, but if nothing goes wrong, what's there to complain about?

I've also been dithering around in numerous crafts given the situation of Gold at the moment. It seems that 50k stacks of Gold Nuggets are here to stay, and I find it ironic that at this price, the cost of production per Gold Ingot is 33k, while the cost of production for a Platinum Ingot is only 37k. Suddenly, Platinum doens't look that bad after all! But first, the problem with Gold.

The market's flooded, and the prices for materials are soaring. In the end, I decided to take a break from leveling Goldsmithing, and concentrate on other things instead. For one, I've picked up Smithing again, and some Rusty Picks later, I'm quite pleased to find out that they sell to an NPC for very little profit even at 3k a Rusty Pick. That, and the skillups are good, even on Lightsday. For the record, I'm 25.7 Smithing now. ^^

The next one's a bit of a shocker. I'm not sure what got into me, but after some thinking, printing, and reading, I bought myself a set of Fishing Gear, a Sabiki Rig, a Carbon Rod and went off to find a quiet little spot on the jetty in Port Windurst, and started to fish! And I have to admit, I actually quite like fishing. There's something rather relaxing about it, especially when you're engaged in conversation with several friends at the same time. It's really not all that bad, and it's a nice change in pace. Of course, ask me what Fishing is like in about a month or two, and I'll probably give you a different answer. Fishing 5.1...gotta love those bites on Darksday, New Moon. ^^ Other than that though, I took the opportunity to grab a little bit of Clothcrafting in, since I was in Windurst. I find that I'm getting very stingy with my money now, even though I have about 250k left on me. Must be those instincts kicking in or something. 'Course, Totipotent's claims at how easy coffer picking in Castle Oztroja is kinda makes me wonder if crafting's worth the money. I guess camping a coffer's not much better at camping an NM, be it Leaping Lizzy or the Valkurm Emperor, so meh.

Then there's BLM. In two separate parties today (both gotten while Fishing, too!), I had managed to come from Level 50, to just 2k away from 52. Yes, I missed my Elemental Staves very much, and I now get to play with two new additions in the collection- my Ice and Thunder Staves. :D Other than that, there isn't too much to note, except for one rather...interesting, if not, amusing occurance that came upon all those leveling in the Kuftal Tunnel:

Yes, that is Guivre, and that is me lying face down after an unsuccessful attempt at running away. (For some reason, it didn't strike me to cast Invisible- I guess I must've thought it had True Sight or something.) Kuftal was a right mess as Guivre went about its rounds. People were getting one shotted all over the place as they scrambled for cover. I'm not sure what happened in the end, but when I went back there to look for a Kuftal coffer, Guivre was nowhere to be found. Guess some HNM group must've taken him out.

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