02 November, 2004

Awakening the Gods

Goldsmithing 47.9.

It's really quite something I'm proud of, yet, at times (well, twice today), I kind of wonder how much further I could've been had I not chosen Goldsmithing as my craft of choice. That, and breaks are now veryveryveryveryvery painful. :(

So far, I've successfully made six Gold Ingots, and lost five coins in the process. At 2k profit for each success (yea, and you thought Goldsmtihers were rolling in money, 'eh?) and 7k for each coin, that puts me at a deficit of 23k gil.


I wonder if my little prayer of "pleasedon'tbreakpleasedon'tbreakpleasedon'tbreak…" has somehow jinxed things. Both times I tried saying that, I had a failure. Coincidence, I think, but just to be safe...^^

Anyway, I was aimlesly wandering around Lower Jeuno with my RDM19, hoping to get a party, when all of a sudden, I got a /tell asking if I was interested in Rank 8. Of course, I leapt at the chance, and the 60k reward at the end would certainly help pay for my Goldsmtihing and Black Mage spells. Well, actually...maybe just the Goldsmithing. /sigh

Slowly, I start to gather members together, as people from the Rank 7 missions come back online, and we have a little bit of a reunion. Eventually, we have 11 people gathered together, and we set off for the Toraimari Canal to try and find a rumoured sixth ministery, the place where one of the pioneer tarus conducted his research into summoning magic.

So we head back down to the Canal, which a lot of the missions seem to involve now, and we head towards a different section, a marble door that's guarded by four NM Slimes- Hinge Oils, to be precise. These guys have a nasty AoE attack, one that can one-shot a mage easily, which I, unfortunately found out the hard way when, despite the leader's announcements of "full med!" he then goes on to pull one of the Hinge Oils when I'm announcing that my MP is only 60% full. Fluid Spread for 703 damage on a little-wittle taru is not nice! /fume

Alliances are such a pain to organise, sometimes.

Once we dispatch of the oils, we trundle into the ministery- a place with cobwebbed books, records, and whathaveyou of just about any aspect of ancient history and magical research one can imagine. It looked nothing like any of the other five ministeries, and had a distinct library aura to the place.

Flipping through one of the magic books, though, who else would show up but the Star Sybil! Evidently, the only other way into this place is through the Star Sybil's Vestal Chamber, and long story short, I technically wasn't supposed to be here. Ah well.....oops?


She let me off this time, at least, although threatening me that should I ever cross the 3-mage portal again, trouble would be afoot. I don't think I'll have to cross the portal again anytime soon, although my Black Mage AF is inside...hopefully she'll forget by then.

I get back to Windurst to find that one of the researchers, the Taru with the french accentaru I met in Fei'Yin, had run off all of a sudden after some things happened. It seems that there is another such old library in the Temple of Uggalepih, and this one supposedly held the Book of the Gods! Time to head out again!

Getting to the temple, on the other hand, proved to be quite a chore. People couldn't seem to talk to the Mithran Chieftainess in Kazham to get the Sacrificial Chamber Key, and Traktor had to do things the long way, chocobo-ing all the way to Norg, get the Zilart Mission 4 (which incidentally uses the same key) before Warping back to Kazham and getting the key for real. Akanea couldn't get the key either, and since the time was getting late (roughly half past one at this point), he called it a night and wished us luck. Our Ninja, Thibrebaud, also had to leave at this point leaving us at 9.

We'd probably need all nine of us just to make it through this alive.

First time we head into the Temple, we Invisible our way past the Tonberries that guard the passageway through to the inner chambers, and get there, only to have someone cast a spell right in front of an Iron Maiden (which incidentally, aggros to magic). One Iron Maiden, a Tonberry, and a Magic Pot that decided to join in the fun, half the alliance Escapes out, which the other half, unfortunately, end up eating temple stone floor. (Mmmm, moss....)

Fortunately, the group that managed to get out had the most number of people, and we eventually make our way back in, and somehow or other, manage to clear the area of all the magic-aggro mobs. Once all of us are back on our feet, it was time to try and get some cursed keys from a NM Tonberry by the name of Bonze Marberry.

We had to kill him four times in order to get all eight Windurstians a cursed key. Clearing the room at first was a bit of a pain, but after the room was cleared, keeping it that way was comparatively easy, well except for poor 'ol Redherr, who seemed to be the prime target for a Throat Stab. One hour later, we have all our keys, and now it was up to trying to find the door that the key unlocks. By this time, all our hiccups have brought the clock up to 4:30 in the morning, and I was on the verge of falling asleep. I even took a bit of a shuteye in the 15-minute gaps whilst waiting for Marberry to respawn, hehe. ^^

Thankfully, the locked Marble Door was very close to where we were, really just one or two passageways down with very little in the way of aggresive mobs. In it, I am confronted by an old being, from some ancient race, known as the Kuluu, but they were supposedly the ones who helped construct and lead us to build Windurst, and helped build the Horutoto Ruins, whose aim was to contain the energy of the moon. (I think)

Needless to say, this person wasn't very pleased to find out that the Horutoto Ruins has ceased functioning twenty years ago, warning that with the towers off, the energy it contained was now free to roam about. This released moon energy would manifest itself in the shape of a night hound when the moon was full across the plains of Sarutabaruta. Hmm...Fenrir, anyone? I even get mistaken for the Star Sybil, due to the energies of the blank Book of the Gods I'm holding. As a parting gift, or warning, the ancient person cast a spell that restored the Book of the Gods to a legitimate state, before leaving with a warning of things to come.

Five thirty, and the sun's beginning to rise. I waste little time in returning home to Windurst and reporting my findings to the Rhinostery, who sent me out to begin with. As usual, after swearing to lot speak of what I have learnt (the beliefs of the common Taru and Mithra of Windurst are somewhat misguided, and exposing the truth would result in widespread /panic, not that that's a bad thing), I am given my reward.

60,000 gil, and the best part:

Rank 8! ^^

On an off-note, Kareath also said something to me at the start of all this that just made me /smile:

"You have to have probably one of the very cutest taru names I've ever heard of."

/blush ^^

Thanks to:
Akanea (DRG60/WAR30)
Danatoth (RNG63/NIN31)
Kareath (WHM67/BLM33)
Mittens (RDM70/BLM35)
Redherr (SAM65/WAR32)
Sketchballs (MNK72/WAR36)
Thibrebaud (NIN64/WAR32)
Traktor (BLM61/WHM30)
Veelea (BRD64/WHM32)
Vengesim (RNG65/THF32)

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