21 November, 2004

Catching up.

Thanks to this thing called "midterm exams" in this other thing commonly known as "real life", I haven't been able to play too much as of late. On the bright side, I'm almost done, and with Thanksgiving coming up, I'll have plenty of time to catch up on things then.

For those who actually keep track of my Profile (which is probably the most updated part of this webbie), you'll notice that not much happened, either in levels, or crafts, although I did start off Clothcrafting for kicks. I did level some- I just haven't hit a level yet. Actually, both my WHM and my BLM are very close to ding'ing, but these parties have a nasty habit of splitting up when I'm like, 1.5k tnl. Not close enough to justify everyone wait another 10-15 minutes for me to level, not far enough to let me shrug it off. Oh well.

I (finally) got myself to complete Genkai 3. I already had the Orcish crest from an xp party there, but I went ahead and got myself a crimson orb just in case I would need it in the near future. Beadeaux was a piece of cake- easily the easiest of the lot as long as you're equipped with Echo Drops for those nasty Mutes, but boy was the Yagudo crest a pain in the neck.

It took Akanea and Totipotent to come with me on a long-overdue trip to Castle Oztroja to complete this part of Genkai 3. The lazy had struck again, which probably explains the delay. Well, that, and leveling up BLM. THe positioning on the second statue's particularly henious, and I decided that Escaping out and walking back in would've been much faster than just walking all the way back. Scary part is, I was probably right about that. Toti came along with us in his THF AF to try and earn himself some money (since he was broke), and helped us until the drop that lead us to the ???.

WIth just Akanea and I, all that stood between us and completing G3 was the Yagudo High Priest (that has True Sight). It took a bit of waiting, but eventually, he (and the other two Yagudos camping the ???) turned around. Aka and I rushed forward, got the ???, run back to the door, high-fived, and Tele'ed back to Jeuno for a brand new level cap. ^^ Well, not quite. Aka still had to get the Orcish Crest, and I wanted the Crimson Orb, but that was easy compared to this.

I have also received my Wizard's Sabots and my Wizard jacket (whatever it's called) after some thought. Aka had died and was 200tnl, so we ended up duo'ing Exorays and Helm Beetles in the Crawler's Nest for skillups and 14xp/kill until it rained. We actually got Aka his level back and my bag of starseeds, and with the Whine Cellar Key I got with Gluey and the other CT members awhile ago, I have my boots! As for the Davoi coffer (which is actually in the Monastic Cavern), what can I say- the coffer is really a piece of cake, but the key...good grief was the key drop hard. I'm glad I managed to randomly get it off an Orcish Dragoon whilst doing M8-1, otherwise I would've been subjected to many many skillup parties in Davoi. Not fun.

Finally, going back to crafting later tonight. I'm particularly annoyed since the price of Gold Nuggets had shot up a whole 5k in just a few days, which means that synthing Gold Ingots are now a _loss_ to me. I mean, I was quite shocked at first when they first made the jump from 45k/stk to 48k, but when I bid 48,500 and still didn't get the Nuggets? It's actually cheaper for me to synth Platinum than it is to synth Gold (well, not really, but you get the idea). I was debating whether I should bite the bullet and buy them at 50k each, when I decided to synth up some of my Beastcoins.

I failed a synth, and lost 21k right there.

That, surprisingly enough, put things into perspective. I can shrug off a break for 21k with little hassle. At 50k/stk, I lose 24-25k per stack? I'm a Goldsmither, I'd better get used to such things quick, and besides, what's 25k? /em looks away...

I now have 6 stacks of Gold Nuggets and 12 Gold Ores just waiting for Darksday to come...I am also trying to ignore the disaster that is my walletaru. ; ; Wish me luck!

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