10 January, 2009


The lack of blogging's caught up again. What have I missed?

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Happy New Year, everybody!

And one more thing that I just picked up today:

Soon, soon...:D

(Did I mention I am now broke? T_T)

(And where on earth is that A. hands abjuration?? -_-)


Anonymous said...

*drool @ every blm's dream item


A Mithra named Alth Aaiaa (Althaia) said...

Oh you're still around! Wonderful! I've been playing since January 2004 and I use Campsitarus. It inspired me to create a blog about Strange Apparatus results. I know, a strange thing to tabulate, but I didn't get what I wanted from it, so I just have to know more! XD Check out my blogs if you're interested... or have Strange Apparatus results for me. ;)