24 January, 2009


Wow, I too got hit with the almighty ban/suspension-hammer!

As what seems to be the norm, I have no idea how long this suspension will be. Looks like SE's being either incredibly liberal about waving the stick around, or are being really thorough, since I only talked about it once. XD

Okay, okay, I was invited to try it once in Salvage after I heard about it, so I guess that counts against me. :P

In any case, if I were able to log in, I'd probably be trying to either earn money to recover from my Cursed Mitts -1 purchase, or I'd be leveling SCH up some more through pets. Speaking of which, while so far in my experience, SCH can nuke BST pets for decent xp, I have to admit, it is a whole lot easier as a BLM. God, Tonberry Elementals suck as SCH. -_-

Anyway, I have no idea when I'll be back, though given my sporadic timings these days, I don't think anything will change, really. ^^


SeraphPDH said...

Were you one of the party leaders, get any items, or talk about the exploits ingame? >_>

It's going to suck if your ban is a perm one. ._.

Sodalitas said...

Tuuf you're probably in camp now, but your name isn't greyed out on Doom's linkshell community thing, which gives me hope that you were only temp suspended.