24 June, 2008

Where is the Tarutaru?

{I'm back!} and {/welcome} to The Bloggaru, v2.0! :D

It's been way, waay, waaaaaay too long since I last blogged about anything, though as I'm sure I've lamented time and time again, it's mostly due to nothing particularly interesting to blog about.

Sure, I could join the masses of people that have since blogged about the ZNM update, or some new precious acquisition, but I think I'm kinda late for that, and have since missed the bandwagon. ^^;

So, I'll write about a new personal projectaru of mine instead. ^^ See, I've suddenly taken to going {sightseeing} all over Vana'diel, and taking screenshots of me doing the famous, and original tarutaru dance (read: none of that "/dance4 motion" crapparu :P) in all sorts of places across Vana'diel.

I've since compiled what I've done so far into an album, as well as a slideshow over on the sidebar. It's...quite satisfying to say the least, and I'm oddly enough having quite a blast doing this. If nothing else, it's certainly nice to get away from all the xp grinds, Assaults, merits, whatnot and just sit back and marvel at what a beautiful place Vana'diel actually is, if you took the time to explore. Here are a few samples of what I've been up to:

Now, unfortunately, when I was making this new template, I intentionally shot all my pictures so that they would fit nicely as a slideshow on the sidebar, but it seems that my current template, or at least the widget automatically resizes it down to whatever you see over on the top-right hand corner! Is there anyone out there who could {Help me out!}? >_<

Some of you out there might be wondering though, "Hey, isn't this...?" Yes, the idea is not entirely original (me dancing all over Vana'diel, that is). In fact, this was largely inspired by a particular YouTube video, that I understand has since become some sort of an internet meme:

Well, about two years ago, I was introduced to an earlier video of his, where all I saw was, well, someone dancing in places all over the world. I kinda watched it with my college roommates, had a little chuckle over it, and that was it.

Fast forward two years later. I'm randomly browsing through YouTube again, and I see a new video by the same guy (Matt Harding), except bigger, grander and honestly speaking, better!

It seems that his little dance has really taken off somewhat, and he even has his own website/blog, titled "Where the hell is Matt?" (hence my own title, "Where is the Tarutaru?") where he writes about all his travels, which even includes a three-part talk he did in Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont about his video, how it started, and so on. I found it interesting watching. ^^

But in any case, I then figured, why not I try the same thing in Vana'diel? And you know what? It's really fun! :D

Although now that I'm thinking about it, I probably should've shot video instead (which means I'll have to revisit every location again -_-) of just taking pictures, but the idea is still there. ^^

Now, anyone know of any video taking software (like fraps?) and some editing program I can download and use? ^^


Anonymous said...

yay welcome back :D

Selphiie said...

Camtasia, how goes it? >:D

Jynx said...

Thats a great idea, there are so many places in Vanadiel that are just amazing to see, it makes you apreciate the detail they put into the game.

Sometimes I wish they had a few other areas but I guess I can't ask for much. Another good thing is if your using windower is to find a working version of draw distance you can get even better photos of some of the areas that the game limits for some reason. the Star Tree looks amazing at a distance that not normally viewable in the game.

Strawberrie said...

Fraps (http://www.fraps.com/) would work perfectly, honestly. The free version lets you only record for 30sec at a time (you gotta keep hitting record then because it auto-stops), but for what you're doing, that would be absolutely perfect.

As for video editing software, believe it or not, Windows comes with it! I'm not sure about Vista, if you're using it, but XP comes with "Windows Movie Maker," and it's real easy to use. That's what I used for all my videos.

It sounds like a really neat idea, you should try it before someone else beats you to it!