30 June, 2008

Numbers, please!

The Mog Bonanza numbers are out! Here are the lucky and the luckier numbers:

Rank 5: ____1
Rank 4: ___44
Rank 3: __379
Rank 2: _1017
Rank 1: 47396

Ah well, one can always dream- all I got was the Rank 4 and Rank 5 prize. At least I come out ahead though. Congratulations to the 56 people out there with the top prize. Does that mean the Vana'diel economy goes up by at least 5,600,000,000gil? ^^

And of course, don't forget the real big prize of it all: Inventory -10! Wa-hey! :D


Hawklord2112 said...

heh, like many players in my LS i had 3 chars all taking 10 marbles... i wound up with 3 EXP scrolls on my main, 1 scroll on each mule and 100k..

one chiv chain for me ^^

Jynx said...

Pfft all I got was one rank 5