17 November, 2007

"Accomplished Goldsmith" {mine}!

I understand I haven't made a new entry in a pretty long time.

I also understand that I haven't made a "normal" blog post (i.e: not trying to dissect a fight) in an even longer time.

Coincidentally, I haven't made a post about my Goldsmithing in an even longer time.

To be honest, it's been so long since I last worked on my Goldsmithing formally, that I don't even remember when my last archived Goldsmithing post was! >_< I suppose with the current state of crafting (particularly in the durables department), the drive to actually work on Goldsmithing has more or less died down, as seems to be the case for quite a lot of the crafts lately.

With high costs to level and with fewer and fewer profitable synths, Goldsmithing's more or less been relegated to earning me bits and pieces of small change here and there. As such, it's been sitting pretty at Goldsmithing 87 for the longest time. I'd occasionally make an Orichalcum Ingot back when it was profitable, and now that it's a loss, that too stopped.

Until recently, that is.

For some reason, I just decided to go and get that next level, which meant burning a lot of money. I had forgotten what my exact Goldsmithing level was, other than it was 87.x, but that didn't really matter.

Just like that, I purchased two stacks of Gold Ingots from the AH (pretty hefty, considering I'm a miser now :P) and sat down to work.

The first stack was good- +0.5 skill in twelve synths. The second, gave me this:

Hitting 88 is the magical number to go get a rankup, and so I immediately made a beeline for Reinberta, who decided that, of all things, she wanted a Colichemarde (go on, look it up. -_-)

Anyway, not long later, I went back to Reinberta with a Colichemarde I shamelessly purchased from the Jeuno AH made with my own sweat and tears, to finally get...

Of course, finally reaching the highest rank in the Goldsmithing guild meant that I could finally use my guild points that have been sitting idle for close to a year now. In this case, I am now eligible to purchase my guild furnishing...

And so, for anyone who is just curious on what Fool's Gold actually looks like, here you go:

Title: "Accomplished Goldsmith." Dammitaru, that feels good.

I'm not sure where I'm going to go with Goldsmithing now to be honest. I've got all the guild items, so that's one major hurdle down, so the next would be the almighty 100 (haha, I can dream on :P). Looking at the markets now, Goldsmithing 100 would be more or less a novelty, since I can't really see anything I want to make at 100, except maybe sign my own Manteel if I ever get around to leveling my Bard (dream on!).

But first! Time to recuperate my losses from all those Gold Ingots! /cry

(Edit: Okay, whose bright idea was it to have the Moghancement: Experience from the Miniature Airship overwrite the Moghancement: Goldsmithing from the Fool's Gold?! Now I have to take the Airship down, and I like that airship! /fume)


Thazienne said...

Congrats! That was a long time coming Mr. Taru, and shouldn't this blog entry fall under your GS journal?

Ironside of Windurst said...

Just take down the airship whenever you synth and put it back up when you're done?

Unless you're synthing in Al Zahbi or somewhere - then you're out of luck. :/

Paul said...

I know the drive to further level crafts at the moment is on the downswing, isn't it?

That fool's gold looks wonderful, lol.

Congrats on the title and the new tier, Tuuf.

Jynx said...

Congrats! I've got to drive my cooking into the 80's here soon...just I should really farm some Honey for my Au late synths.

I also need GP's hah!

Keep on chuging and get that 100 GS!

Katoke said...

I'm going to steal your gold if I ever come in your mog house :)

maiev said...

gratz :D almost to 100 then gil jus pours in xD