14 October, 2007

Something new to solo!

Black Mages have solo'ed several things, from sea mobs to ENMs to KS30s to Apollyon NW.

Well, I've stumbled across this video that presents something new for BLMs to try and solo- Waking Dreams, better known as "the Diabolos fight."


Just in case the above video does not work, you can see the video here, along with the rest of Vol's solo feats (including Ark Angel MR!)


Chanell said...

Cool Video !

Cyrus Powers said...

Yoz, Tuufy, you should toss me your e-mail addy sometime since this is the most reliable way I have of contacting you. Also, it seems I've picked up LotRO somehow. -_-

Katoke said...

Thats cool considering I could barely do it with 3 SAM 1 BLM and 1 RDM CS stunning it :P