09 June, 2006

RNG + 2x BRD = {fun}

Recently, I've been inspired by Russta's LiveJournal about leveling Corsair, in particular this post, and this post, detailing his experiences with the job. Since then, I've contemplated picking up my Corsair again, since after giving it some thought, it's a job that has elements of everything I like- a good support class for merit parties, ranged weapons, and a funky hat, to boot!

However, reading through his posts, as well as the various discussion boards have led me to the realisation that I would have to have a Ranged subjob, at least for up to COR60, when I hear /NIN is the way to go (which I'll also have to level up at some point, too ; ;).

Thus began my foray into the world of melee. Over the past couple days, and some very painstaking Dunes parties, I finally got around to getting my WAR to 17, and NIN to 18. My NIN18, in particular, would serve as an adequate sub-subjob to COR, allowing me to level a RNG37 to compliment a COR75.

Unfortunately, the dunes suck. (Yeah, yeah, I know, nothing new, huh?)

On the bright side, while I did manage to get some adventure and more data for Campsitarus in a party I somehow convinced to go to the Buburimu Peninsula (btw, try taking a good screenshot of a Bull Dhalmel as a Taru tank. -_-), the xp rate was so slow, it was almost torturous. I tried making a party, and even made one I thought was pretty decent, with PLD WAR RNG BRD BLM WHM, where only the BLM did not have a subjob, but that was a bigtime flop.


And so it was off to solo'ing. And all Rangers know what to solo- Worms!

Attempt #1 took me to the Maze of Shakrami, where unfortunately, IT Maze Makers were just too hard. I spent like, five minutes just trying to hit a Maze Maker from a distance that let me run out of Stonega range. After finally killing one in about ten minutes or so (for 200xp too, mind you), I give up and Warp back to town.

Attempt #2 brought me to King Ranperre's Tomb, where slightly weaker Worms were my target of the day. Unfortunately, I never actually got to camp, as I drew aggro from two Skeleton Warriors (I didn't realise it was night ; ;) and died before I got very far into the tomb. Yes, for the record, Piercing damage sucks against bone mobs. :P

Attempt #3 was in Dangruf Wadi. I found DC-T Worms here, making for potential solo xp. Unfortuntely, all the Worms were surrounded by T Goblins, making solo'ing iffy at best. >_<

What was a poor Taru Ranger supposed to do? ; ;

I then went back to Russta's livejounal, where this post mentions how he leveled his RNG subjob- grab two Bards, and go to town. ^^

I have to admit, I quite liked the idea of that, so when Onekomaru offered to PL me as her Bard in Giddeus, I leapt at the chance. We were doing pretty good, too, until I accidentally drew aggro when she was in the middle of Mage's Ballad, and I died. XD

I went back to town when I then bumped into Aetion, a BRD75 I've merited with before. He was bored, so asked me for something to do. Well, I had just the thing in mind, too. Heh.

Maze of Shakrami, HO!

If there's something I learnt tonight as a Tarutaru Ranger, it's this...

...Four Minuets equals...

A whole @!#$load of Attack! o.O

Seriously, my damage literally soared. I was shooting Maze Makers for over 100 damage per shot when I actually connected, and with two Bards, I could afford to run right up to the Maze Maker and engage from a distance where I actually stood a living chance at scoring a hit with Onekomaru and Aetion both trying to keep me alive. My HP bar was very {excitement}, I have to say. ^^

'Course, the problem then became what to do when the songs wore off. Seeing your damage go from 100+ to a measly 5 is rather....embarrassing. ^^;

I died once, when (guess what), I accidentally engaged when both Aetion and Onekomaru were singing Ballad, but a quick Raise fixed that, and it was back to chaining IT worms for 200xp each, 300 with my Empress Band. And that was without chains. o.O

We eventually decided to tone down the ATK and went with 3 Minuets and one Prelude to help me out in the accuracy department though. ^^ It felt like we only stayed a half hour, but it was enough to get me about a level and a half, and I had a great deal of fun doing so, too! Many thanks to Oneko and Aetion for coming down tonight! ^^


Onekomaru said...

That was a lot of fun, /poke me if you want to go again sometime hehe.

Onekomaru said...


can you keep a lookout on upper delkfut's tower?

just /sea updelkfut every now and then, and record time if there's a lot of people in there...

there's a pair of bracelets i'm after >_<