17 June, 2006

Ranger Party!

Leveling Ranger over the past few days has been very trying, I have to admit. After Onekomaru and Aetion PL'ed me in the Maze of Shakhrami the other day, I've been returning to the Maze every now and then to try and solo some xp, because I hate the Valkurm Dunes that much.

Unfortuantely for me, I wish I could say my soloing experience as a RNG was at least respectable, but after whiffing like crazy on Maze Makers, and dying to inopportune Stonegas, I had actually deleveled back down to RNG12. >_<

Suffice to say, I was frustrated, and needed a break from the game for a bit. ^^

As luck would have it, when I logged back in later at night, I decided to see what jobs were seeking, so I did a "/sea all inv 12-14". Certain things immediately leapt to mind- RNG RNG BRD COR, all seeking. Thinking back to the Maze of Shakhrami, the gears started to turn.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what level range the Maze would take. It had been so long since I last partied there way, waaaay back in my newbie days, that xp'ing in the Maze is just a blur now. I started off by asking one of the other Rangers what he thought of the idea. He, too, was unsure of what it'd be like, although he was willing to give it a shot (No pun intended.)

Encouraged by this, I sent tells to the BRD and COR, both of whom agreed to come. I then picked up the second RNG, and then a WHM to round things off, completing the party makeup.


One problem though, with low level parties, is that people generally don't seek in one location. In my case, I had party members seeking all the way from San d'Oria, to the Valkurm Dunes, to Gustaberg, to Bastok.

Thankfully, someone in Sandy could Warp back to the Aht Urhgan Whitegate, someone else could Warp to Jeuno, and I could easily pick up the BRD from Bastok via the Korroloka Tunnel trick, and meeting the last two members at the Crag of Dem was a piece of cake.

All that was left to do after I had (finally) ferried everybody to the Crag of Mea, was to Warp back and somehow get a teleport for myself. >_<

Thankfully, that was a rather painless ordeal, and within minutes, we were off!

I have to admit, this party revitalized the lower levels for me. That we could do so well, without a powerleveler (which seems to be the norm nowadays -_-) is testament to what can be done by people who know what they are doing, and who are equipped for the task.

Our WHM had all his spells, and was keeping up with the pace with Pineapple Juices he was synthing. With Hunter's Roll (and RNGs in the PT, too), none of us had any real issues hitting any of the mobs, and our Bard kept things flowing smoothly, supporting all of us who were each well equipped for our level.

We literally tore through the Maze of Shakhrami for an hour or two until I had reached RNG15. Seeing as how so many Maze Makers now started conning as just Tough to our WHM (who was the highest level among all of us), I decided to move us to the Korroloka Tunnel, and so told everybody to wait outside the Maze while I Warped back and switched to WHM.

It's very convenient that the Teleport-Altep trick not only is a quick way to get to the Korroloka Tunnel, but the consequent Escape also puts you right outside Bastok so you can change jobs and restock on supplies! There is also the added amusement of running through the Altepa Desert for the first time on Level 16 jobs, too. :P

When we got back to plugging holes through Worms, the xp went back to being great. Just like in the Maze, we were chaining Worms, heck care for links or what not (except when we got two links. >_<), and the end result was Chain #5s, each for over 200xp for the kill, some even hitting 300xp, all without an Empress band.

That we could Chain #5 such good xp at this level, when everybody else was struggling to meet Chain #2...

...I was moved. /sniff ^^

Later, when people were getting tired, Aetion came down to PL us as well, and then the fun of a BRD PL'ed party started. Just like before, we were plowing through Land Worms with over 100 damage a shot, and it even got to the point where we cleared all the Worms in one room, and had to kill the IT Seeker Bats just to keep the chain. (And my HP went all {excitement}, again. -_-) Thanks Aetion for coming down again! ^^

When the dust settled, and people decided it was time to go to sleep, I had gained a nice six levels from that one party, and now stood pretty as a Tarutaru RNG18. Only another 19 levels before the RNG subjob is complete, although I wonder just how much can be done off Worms alone? ^^


Anonymous said...

can go all the way to 37 :3

Jynx said...

Got my ranger to 24 on worms alone, if I was more persistant and brought the right equip I could probably solo it to 37 in the right spots.

wyred said...

As RNG, I meleed until lv12, then had a bit of PL at shakhrami until 14 where I could sub whm and barstone myself.

Then I continued to solo the worms at shakhrami. Using my 2 hour, I could hit chain 5.

I don't remember at which point I went to korroloka, and then qufim. But I began seeking at around lv21-22.

Anonymous said...

I solo'd worms as rdm in Qufim for a bit...rdm/rng! Mmm it went ok. I's bored.

~Coejus o.o!