29 June, 2006

Horns of War

I took a break from leveling my Ranger to do some good 'ol-fashioned KSNM fights with Evilstar and his BLM crew. I have to admit, it had been a long time since I last did anything with this group, but it was a nice change of pace from the leveling grind to RNG37 (more on that later).

Evilstar's BLM manaburn linkshell, named Conclave occasionally offers to manaburn Kindred Seal fights for willing people. These aren't the BLM KS30 Operation Desert Swarm fights that took Odin by storm not long after I started the first few runs of this service, but the meaty KS99 fights instead.

Y'know. Kings.

I had previously fought (and defeated) the Aspi and Fafnir lookalike mobs in the Waughroon Shrine and Balga's Dias respectively, but I had yet to take on Behemoth. Needless to say, I was quickly brought up to scratch with the strategy, and it was pretty smooth sailing from there.

Except from the occasional death here and there, of course. -_-

I have to say, fighting Behemoth is quite fun, if anything because of the running around you have to do in this fight in order to avoid having huge, fiery rocks being hurled at you, otherwise known as everybody's favourite, alliance-wiping move, Spike Fla...I mean, Meteor.

Because of my refusal to take part in endgame activities, I had never seen Meteor up to today, and I have to admit, for a first-timer, it was quite a sight. Of course, death and destruction in the form of blazing fiery rocks of doom wouldn't really be anything other than spectacular, I suppose, but when I found out that with Stoenskin and a good, Neptune's Staff-powered Barfira on, I could actually survive Meteor, quite often by considerable amounts.

There was one run where I actually got hit by three Meteors, and survived all of them. Alas, the fourth kill me. >_<

I can hear the printing presses starting already with the "I SURVIVED METEOR" T-shirts to be circulated around Vana'diel. Or Midgar. Your choice.

Even Gorokai came down to do a run of his own, which you can read about here. In any case, I came out of that, hopefully with a tidy chunk of change to help ease the pain of leveling Ranger to 37. To date, I have spent about 2m gil getting Ranger up to 37, and am quite hurting from it, but Ranger was really, really fun, and I might just turn around and level that up instead of Corsair. But to give Corsair a fair look, I'll level it up for a bit for now and see how I feel about it. I can say though, that it feels very different from a Ranger...


Faulsey said...

Interesting. You can dodge meteor? I'm guessing it drops rocks on you, and you have to run out the way?

Willriker said...

hahah that pick rules, ive never seen meteor myself. any info on it would help me out as i will probably be kiting that thing at some point.

Congradulations on the 37 RNG man. RNG is a fun job XD i took it to 30 bbefore i decided to focus on Paladin once again.

Hey, i am gonna need like 7-10 mill realy soon. And i didnt know that you were a mamber of one of these blm burn things. about how much money comes from a KS30 (on average) or a KS99 (on average).

I know most of these the orb holder only has 1 maybey 2 of the drops, but how much money does the orb holder make on average?

I may just use some of the orbs to get the gear i need to have a well rounded PLD HP settup.

Nivaud said...

Tuuf you and any others died to get me 5M gil for my Kriegsbiel.


Tuufless said...

Heh, well, the "Terms of Service" is that the BLMs kill the Behemoth for you (or whatever), and you get first pick of the loot. Everything else goes to the BLMs.

There're quite a few 4m items, I think. I'm not sure of it myself, so you'd have to check. But higher drops like Unshi (or was it Unjo?) and Shining Cloth also drop, I think.