08 March, 2006

Three Paths

Reporting in on the Mithra BC:

I have to admit, we came into the Boneyand Gully, confident at beating this BC. A Summoner is very useful for this fight, and to summarize my last post, well, we had two. Chummy and I bothed Astral Flow'ed out a total of three Tidal Waves to defeat all three kitties, while Seraph Invincible'd to hang on for dear life while waiting on our Blood Pact timers to reset, and that was that.

All we needed to do was make sure all three Mithra were gathered together for Astral Flow, but that wasn't all too difficult. I guess SMN SMN PLD was really useful though- Seraph swears he would've gotten his rear end handed to him on a silver platter had it not been for Invincible, so I can't really argue about that. ^^

The next step was to trek through Pso'Xja a grand total of two times. Fortunately, one of them is easy. Unfortunately, the other one is a complete pain to do. Guess which one we were doing first. >_<

The tedious leg of this mission is the 50-cap part, involving the easternmost tower, the last on your way to Fei'Yin. It involves navigating through sixteen doors, in a circle around Pso'Xja to get to one elevator that would take you down to the Avatar Gate, where...you'll just have to complete the mission for yourself to find out. ^^

What makes the mission such a pain is that each of the sixteen doors is booby trapped, and clicking on the door spawns an NM Doll named a "Gargoyle" (even though it looks nothing like one), which is not only a pain to kill, but also grows in difficulty as you progress further down the line. So while the first door's Gargoyle was a piece of cake (relatively speaking), the last door's took forever to kill in what felt more like an endurance test than anything.

Throw in a bunch of intervening aggressive mobs, like Tonberry and Hecteyes to make things more interesting, as well as some Pots (magic aggro!) to spice things up, and we were starting to get quite drained as we approached the tenth door or so. Thankfully, the difficulty of the mobs, and number per room didn't really seem to differ, so the only real trial was getting past the progressively-harder Gargoyles before the mobs respawned.

Thankfully, a THF can actually pick the traps with a Thief's Tool! However, don't count on it- we still had to fight pretty much all of the later Gargoyles, although getting three or four free passes in the early stages was a nice time-saver, to say the least.

One word of warning though- killing the Gargoyle opens the door for a limited amount of time. Should the door close on somebody, do not try clicking on the door to open it from the other side! Doing so will warp you to the beginning of the whole ordeal, and earn you much /slapping from your party members who would sooner ditch you than fight all the way through again. ^^

All this brings you up to one elevator, conveniently placed in the center of the room which you just circled,

Sneak and Invis up before descending on the elevator, and then right at the bottom, among a few aggro mobs, lies the Avatar Gate which you spent so much trouble (about 2-3 hours worth -_-) to get to:

Unfortunately, by the time we completed this part, we were so tired out, we decided to call it a night. Thankfully, the rest of Tenzen's leg is pretty easy, so more to come...^^

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