06 March, 2006

(Hedgehog) Bombs Away!

Thus summarizes the last week or so of my time spent in Vana'diel.

Real life has been keeping me busy as of late, and as such, there haven't been very many things for me to write about recently. The above screenshot was taken from a Brothers ENM run, duo'ed with Sollanon, and only just because he and I had already gotten the Key Item required to enter the ENM previously. (See, I knew I got it early for a reason!)

Suffice it to say, it's pretty easy with two Black Mages, and the drops we got were stunning to say the least. Hey, I can't complain with 4m gil made in about half an hour's easy work, can I?

TrueRune has also finally gotten its act together and resumed work on the CoP missions. There were some rearrangements from before, and the static now consists of myself, Chummy (SMN, SAM), Akanea (DRG, SAM), Saoirse (BLM, THF), Seraph (PLD) and Tumble (WHM). We actually just completed the Mithra Trackers BC fight in what was probably one of the easiest fights we've done thus far, partially because both Chummy and I had the capacity to bring our SMN50s to the playing field.

Two simultaneous Tidal Waves from Levaithan, followed by an Elemental Seal-powered Sleepga from Saoirse, followed by another round of Tidal Waves finished the BCNM so quickly, I forgot to take a screenshot. >_< Oh well.

Because of my recent lack of time, a lot of my focus this past week have been on skilling up my Goldsmithing, which is going along pretty smoothly. I've hit Goldsmithing 78, and am gearing up for the final push to Goldsmithing 80! ^^ On the leveling side, I managed to convince Sakurato and Xmode to bring me along on a merit point party up in sky, on Decorative Weapons, where, despite the five level gap, I still got a pretty decent chunk of xp, and a couple parties later, dinged RDM71 after I decided that my grand dream of melee'ing Maat at RDM70 wasn't worth the trouble. Ah well, I'll get him someday.

In any case, we're gearing up for the first leg of Tenzen's path now, so time permitting, I'll be writing about that soon, too!


Jynx said...

Someday I'll get Promy vhalz done.

Anonymous said...

What kind of strategy would two blms use to duo the Brothers ENM?^^;