23 February, 2006

A resolution

Okay, after much thinking, pondering, bugging and /poke-ing people, I think I know what job I'd like to "pimp" out, or so to speak.

Black Mage.

(Gee, like you didn't know already. -_-)

Okay, okay, I admit it. But the last post I made really drived the point down home. I can level all the jobs I want, but it is Black Mage and White Mage that mean that extra something to me. As Strawberrie pointed out, "it's gotta be the first job you ever level." In my case, my "first (and only) job to 75" would be Black Mage. However, the first job I actually ever leveled seriously was White Mage, which I took all the way up to 62, when I had a little bit of a change of heart, and started leveling up my Black Mage again with Glueforever, who I believe was capping up his Warrior subjob to 37 back in the day.

It's been a little over a year since my Black Mage overtook my White Mage, but I still haven't lost that connection with WHM, even though I don't really have too much interest leveling it up at the moment (what with no gear et al). I've tinkered with the idea of pimping out Red Mage (actually just last week ^^) but the very idea of pimping out my third main job never really clicked with me, and felt almost forced, as if I was just rationalising my way through things. Maybe I'm doing that right now. Hmmm...

Anyway, for now (in my ever-changing state of mind), Black Mage it is. For one, the Sorcerer's Petasos is ever-so-sexy, although I've noticed that it's becoming a more and more common sight these days. -_- Furthermore, I like seeing the big, flashy animations as spells and whizzes go off.

I still might level Red Mage to 75 though, if for nothing else but the more ready merit point party invites a Red Mage gets over Black Mage. Actually, I'm still a little surprised as to why Xmode and Sakurato like partying with my Black Mage, considering how I just know how I could be contributing a lot more if I were Red Mage instead.

Anyway, I guess I might have been caught up in all the merit point party-style jazz, where skillchains go out the window and melee spam whatever deadly weaponskill they have the moment they hit 100% TP, but just last night, Chummy and Akanea felt like xp'ing with Tumble and was wondering if I wanted to join them.

SAM DRG WHM BLM. Not the most ideal of merit point setups. For one, Aka and Chummy don't dual-wield, so their TP build is slower compared to a more orthodox merit party, and there's just one Refresher. We ended up filling things up with RDM and NIN, and went off to the Uleguerand Range, where, after a party wipe when we realised we couldn't handle a Kindred Summoner's Dark Spirit pet (no Lullaby ; ;), we moved onto chaining King Buffalo instead.

Compared to a more faster paced merit point party, we didn't really put up the big numbers, only 5k/hr or so. But you know what? It didn't really matter to me. It had been so long since I brought my Black Mage to a normal party setup, that is was rather refreshing to go through the old motions again.

And Magic Bursting once again. XD

2050 damage. I think that's a new personal record. ^^

Actually, no- I remember doing a full 2300 damage via an Elemental Seal-ed Thundaga III on the Bugbear in the Bionic Bug ENM, but that technically wasn't a Magic Burst (although it would've been downright scary if it was! o.O)

Of course, I know that can be topped- it wasn't Iceday back then, and I don't have points put into Ice Potency, and there's gear I could improve upon, but I guess that's something to strive towards...and isn't that part of what this game is all about?

By the way, the proceeds from my Nobles Tunic sale (which I'm still sore about, btw -_-) have gone into skilling up my Goldsmithing. As of now, I've hit Goldsmithing 76, and with a little bit of luck, I might just scrape into Goldsmithing 80 and get myself out of hell. ^^ I will get my Nobles Tunic back though! >_<


Kirsteena said...

Hehehehe I know what you mean. I may be levelling whm and blm to 75, but at heart, I will always be a rdm - no matter what I may tell myself...

Grats on the decision Tuuf!

Strawberrie said...

Yeah, I can't really see you as anything other than BLM...

wyred said...

Yeah, I can't really see you as anything other than meat dishes...