14 May, 2005

Shooting Fish

Tried duo’ing the BCNM20, Shooting Fish with Starfox tonight. ^^

For those who are unfamiliar with this particular BCNM, it is, as the name implies, Level Cap 20. The party is pit against three Pugils, two Archer Pugils and one Sniper Pugil, whose attacks have a rather significant knockback effect.

This particular BCNM is also a cakewalk for a pair of SMNs, and actually can be solo’ed by a single SMN, although that option is of course, far more dangerous. ^^

Here’s how it works. Starfox and I both went up to Horlais Peaks, with Cloudy Orbs in hand. One of us would get ready to Astral Flow, while the other didn’t. Upon reaching the arena, we’d both summon Ramuh. The person who we agreed would Astral Flow now uses it, then chugs a Yagudo Drink. Then, slowly inching towards the three Pugils to avoid aggro, Ramuh would then walk up to the Sniper Pugil and Judgment Bolt (the 2hr ability). That would then place all the hate firmly on that Ramuh’s shoulders.

The other SMN would wait until Judgment Bolt has resolved, then command his or her own Ramuh to Thunderspark, which is also AoE, although with lesser range than Judgment Bolt. Both Ramuhs then continue whacking away at the Sniper Pugil, with the one that Judgment Bolt’ed tanking. Eventually, Ramuh will die, whereby the three Pugils will then turn their attention to the Thunderspark Ramuh.

In the meantime, the first SMN simply resummons Ramuh, and have Ramuh join in the fun. Eventually, the Blood Pact timer will reset, and then he or she can fire off another Judgment Bolt for the kill. {Easy prey.} ^^

I didn’t get much out of it, only 750 gil, a Mythril Beastcoin, a Shall Shell, a pair of platoon cesti, a scroll of Horde Lullaby, and a Mannequin Head (which I will be keeping), but it was fun to do. ^^ Starfox got a Mannequin Head (it’s a confirmed drop), and a Thunder Spirit pact to go with it, as well….lucky {cat}. >_<

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