21 May, 2005

Goldsmithing. Sixty. ^^

It took a while, but here it is, my major accomplishment for the day, it being the culmination of goodness knows how many months of work:

Say it with me: "AWWWWW, YEEEAAAHHHH!!!^^"

Actually, it wasn't all that bad, since the last time I left off, I only had 0.4 skill levels separating me from Goldsmithing 60. However, these last few skill points proved to be a lot more frustrating than I thought.

Earlier today, I decided I would desynth up some Mythril Earrings, and ended up with three stacks of Mythril, with seven extra Ingots. I decided to then sell two of those stacks, and then use the last for skillup. After all, I had the means for nine synths, which would hopefully get me my +0.4.

The first +0.3 was easy. I ended up synthing those with no shades and no support, on Lightsday, and got that quickly. The last 0.1, on the other hand...

Take #1: Synth up a pair of Mythril Cuisses. No skillup.
Take #2: Synth up another pair of Mythril Cuisses. No skillup.
Take #3: Synth up yet another pair of Mythril Cuisses. No skillup.

That was the last of my stack of Ingots, and so, busting out another stack of Fire Crystals, I started converting the seven extra Ingots I had into sheets, for the next round of synths.

Take #4: Synth up another pair of Mythril Cuisses. No skillup.
Take #5: You guessed it. No skillup, too.
Take #6: Ditto.

I was fully out of materials. I decided to try desynthing the cuisses to recycle materials, and ended up getting two Ram Leathers, and four Mythril Ingots, I think. Of course, no skillup on any of these, but then again, skillup rates on desynths are next to non-existent.

Take #7: This time, I failed the synth, and lost a sheet. No skillup.
Take #8: Failed again, and guess what? No skillup.

Getting desperate now, I resorted to extreme measures, since clearly, a 2-level skill gap was just too easy to skillup on. And so, I tried my hand at Platinum Ingots. I grabbed two Platinum Ores from my mule, and tried to buy a stack of Plaitnum Nuggets from the Jeuno AH. Note: "tried to". The price of Platinum Nuggets have shot up, and what used to be 60k/stk, now couldn't be cought at 75k/stk! Cursing, I ran over to Bastok, thanks to Teleport-Altep, and faced the same dilemma there, except this time, I bought a stack for 72k. I figured, with the ingots worth 60k each, 72k plus 40k for the Ores would still turn over a small profit, so why not try? ^^

Take #9: Made a Platinum Ingot. No skillup.
Take #10:
Failed on the synth, lost three Platinum Nuggets, or 18k. At least I didn't lose the ore. >_< No skillup.

It then turned to Darksday, where I decided to give the Mythril Cuisses yet another try. Buying two more Mythril Sheets off the Jeuno AH for 9k apiece, I hoped that Darksday would make things better.

Take #11: I finally get that skillup, and it's a +0.2 to boot! ^^

With Goldsmithing 60 in the bag, it's time to start up my plan on keeping a separate journal, specifically for Goldsmithing, although I shudder to think how difficult it will be. At least I have plans made up to Goldsmithing 70, but from what I hear, the 70s will not be the least bit pleasantaru! >_< For the record, each Mythril Cuisses is roughly a 20k loss, since I desynthed a lot of them, and so, that last 0.1 skillpoints cost me roughly 198k!! /cry


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Congrats, Tuuf! ヽ(・∀・)ノ Way to go!!