17 May, 2005

Adamantking Usurper

I was idling around today, whiling around Port Jeuno when Starfox asked if I wanted to go camp an HNM with him. Upon this, I popped on the BBQ linkshell, where I couldn't see any coherence as to where the members were, so I needed to double check just where Starfox had in mind:


I could only think of one HNM there, Za'Dha Adamantking. Actually, the Adamantking isn't really in Beadeaux, but the Qulun Dome instead, but that's a small matter. Long ago, before the various updates, Za'Dha was one of the few ways a person (read: White Mages) could get a scroll of Raise III, the other being Kirin, although from what I hear, Kirin doesn't drop Raise III very often. The result of that was that the asking price on a scroll of Raise III was high serverwide, easily fetching 2 million or more gil. Most HNMLS'es seemed to sympathise with this, and would end up giving their White Mages their Raise III, but this was an issue a lot of up-and-coming White Mages had to deal with.

However, with the introduction of the ENM battles, the availability on the elusive scroll suddenly shot up, and now, with a much higher supply, the price plummeted down to 300-400k, certainly much more manageable than 2-3 million.

Anyway, the scroll is a 100% drop off the Za'Dha Adamantking, so we decided to try killing it just for kicks. I'm not quite sure how he spawned. I think someone popped him (he is a HQ pop off an HQ Quadav, so Quadav +2?) and then contacted Starfox to see if he was interestd in helping. That then led to BBQ coming down to kill the Adamantking, quickly, before anybody else found out. Because this was not a scheduled linkshell event, and we had outsiders helping, everyone agreed to just cast lots for the items that dropped.

Getting to him was a bit of a pain. For one, we had to clear out the room of all the other Quadavs so as to avoid links, which included killing the other NM Quadavs, like the Ruby Quadav. Of course, Quadavs, being Quadavs, would link like crazy, and so we had to pull them with a Summoner's pet. That way, we could at least clear the place safely, without massive links. We had a full alliance with us, so the room was cleared quickly, and soon, it was just the Adamantking left by himself.

We pulled him over to the west zone that goes back into Beadeaux, and then engaged. Starfox and I were the only Black Mages there, and our strategy was simple: unleash the biggest Thunder-based nukes we had, then zone out into Beadeaux to reset hate, and maybe catch a breather, zone back in ad nauseum.

His resistances actually weren't all that high, although he had a lot of HP! Eventually though, we wore him down, and then watched as the drops scrolled by. Of course, there was the scroll of Raise III. But other than that, there was just a Phoenix Feather, a Platinum Beastcoin (I have never seen these before), and a petrified log. We then started casting lots on the items, as agreed upon.

The numbers people were putting up were insane. I think someone got the beastcoin off a 995, and the petrified log off a 998! For some reason though, the lots on the scroll of Raise III weren't all that high, and I ended up casting my lot last.

Tuufless's lot for the scroll of Raise III: 737 points.
Tuufless obtains a scroll of
Raise III.

Me: !!

Well, that was certainly unexpected. Now that I actually have a scroll of Raise III, I finally have reason to level up my White Mage again, but whether I will actually get around to doing so, is another thing altogether. Ah well, one more spiffy title in the bag, "Adamantking Usurper!" ^^

Za'Dha Adamantking: I a-am finished. Hear me, wa-warriors of the Quadav! The throne of the Adamantking and the line of Za'Dha pa-passes to my brother...

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