15 November, 2008

Finally, Rank 10 everywhere.

Finally, Rank 10 in all three nations!

Yeah, yeah, I know I should've done this much earlier, but you know how these things go. ^^

I won't go into the details, since this is very old content, but I have to say, it's a far cry from back in the day when I was part of whole alliances to try and complete our rank missions. Now, I completed all the missions with three people, max?

I was caught a little off guard when I misread the wiki guide to Sandy 9-2 wrong, and found myself trying to crowd control eleven orcs, instead of the five I was expecting. Not that it was that difficult to control six more mobs as RDM/BLM, but I have to say, I haven't felt this thankful for Phalanx in a long while. ^^

Anyway, this calls for a celebration...

...Coejus and Fishura are ftw. :D

Sadly, the first thing I did after getting Sandy Rank 10 was to switch to Bastok, so I could use the remainder of my Bastok CP to get another Gold Musketeer's Bolt to replace the one I accidentally shot away last month.

Then right after that, I switched back to my original nation- good 'ol Windurst. I missed Windy. :D

Now to somehow get all my OP teleports back. -_-


Jynx said...

If I ever do get Rank 10 Windy I think I will stick with that forever considering how hard it would be to loose my Ronfaru outpost it would cripple me.

Tuufless said...

Ah, but now you get to keep _all_ your outposts if you switch nations.

Unfortunately, I first switched out of Windy before SE made that update. :(

Dartvalince said...

Congratulation on getting Rank 10 everywhere lol. I've yet to even reach rank 5 in windy and get airship passes.

JB and CB said...

Congratulations on rank 10. And Coejus is awesome. See you around Odin, take care.

Anonymous said...

long time reader of your blog. keep up the good work!