27 October, 2006

Two months later...

They say that in art, one must know how to paint, how to mould clay, or how to wield the blade to create one’s latest piece. That being said, people often forget that one must also know when to stop, when said piece is finished and done.

There’s always something that can be improved on, something that tugs at you saying “this isn’t quite right!” After some time though, “fixing” things loses its point, and worse, you run the risk of making the piece look overworked.

It’s as if you tried too hard. Ever seen those girls on the street with overdone makeup? It’s like that. Less is more sometimes.

There are plenty of other places this idea can be applied to elsewhere in life, in work, in love. The trick is finding that spot of balance and harmony, and I’ve always tried to live up to that principle.

Anyway, I digress.

The point is, sometimes, it is just time to let go. I know my last two posts have contradicted one another, but as time goes on, I feel that maybe my FFXI career really is good and done.

Were there goals in-game that I wish I could’ve completed? Plenty. But given the vast world that is Vana’diel, trying to accomplish everything is too much.

My last post was inspired by a spark of inspiration, an idea that I thought held promise which I could develop. It sounded like such a good idea at the time, but when it came down to things and I did my research, alas, the signs were all “no-go.”

And “no-go” it was.

Given my capriciousness over the last couple months, I don’t really want to say for sure whether this will be my final goodbye, or whether I will ever return to Vana’diel. Things move on, and as the toils of real life throws more and more stuff at me (and believe me, life is throwing two very big monkey wrenches at me at the moment), I’ve come to realize that really, perhaps it’s time to just draw a close to this chapter and start working on the next.

You can probably guess from my tone that prospects of my return are rather bleak (*cough* emo *cough*), and should I never return, then so be it. I have fond memories of Vana’diel and really, that’s good enough for me.

I still read people’s blogs from time to time (although I really wish some of you would update more!). It’s nice to see how other people are doing, even though I am no longer part of the same experience.

In about three weeks, my Content ID will expire and if what SquareEnix says really is true, then Tuufless will be deleted, and things will finally have some closure.

On a final note, sometimes I can’t help but wonder what it was in-game that finally did it for me. Most of us have that one big goal that we look at and say, “When I get this done, I can quit the game, happy.” It’s funny that oftentimes you don’t really know what said goal actually is until you complete it. I, for example had big dreams of my own- solo Charybdis, get all the good gear from Assaults, complete CoP, explore all the kooky campsites across Vana’diel…

…But in the end? Maybe I should just have never gotten that hat. ^^

P.S: Oh, and as for that project I was working on? It’s finally completed to the point where I feel it is ready for public consumption. Check it out here.


wyred said...

I don't have goals. Playing FFXI is just a way of killing time for me.

Although sometimes I went a little too hardcore, I've learnt to go slow now.

lol, don't know what the f I'm talking about. Anyway, 50% of me hopes to see you back. The other 50% feels glad that you've managed to free yourself from the evil clutches of SE.

Nivaud said...

if you walk away for good, Tuuf, know that this project alone is more than enough to allow you to say, "I contributed to this game and others' experiences".

That is a tool that will be throughly used until they shut the servers down.

Paul said...

Agreed. You truely made a mark on the FFXI gaming community. Your work will be a resource until, as Nivaud stated, the servers are shut off. I can't confidently say that about many other resource sites.

The only 2 that come to mind besides ffxi-atlas are the wiki and ffxiah (though I have my doubts about the techincal longevity of that particular site).

As always, I wish you balance & happiness in whatever you choose to do.

Thuggy said...

Tuuf, I have been reading your blog since I started playing in May of this year. I looked up to you as my idol another tarutaru tri-mage. I was so saddened to see you go. I wrote all my friends and told them my in game hero is leaving. ; ; Even though I am on another server I always deferred to your blog as a resource for my lil taru adventures. You will be sorely missed and I still hold the glimmer of hope that you may change your mind. You can always be a part-time gamer! ^^ Much love to you.

Guankim said...

Yep, that's all nicely summarized above me. I'm not ...noble enough to put this kinda thing together on my own, closest mark I can make netwise is linking together a bunch of useful things and putting them together for various people. In that, your sites often have been added into my collection, and thank you for that. Your legacy will live on through us!!! And the bestiary looks wonderful, a great companion to the campsites, thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe you left, Tuufless. I guess this is why I haven't seen you in the game for the last couple of months... :/

I'll miss our times desynthing mythril earrings in Rabao. I hope that everything in life goes well for you.

Your gs buddy,


wyred said...

brogame, GTFO and DIE!

Arenzith said...

Doubt you remember me, but nonetheless, sorry to hear you left the game. Best of luck with that RL stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning 6:03 jp time i Lionea After long time...
It is not possible to go easily Recent Tuufless Do you keep energetic? I am energetic! Moreover, I want to play together Though it is not possible to go easily because it is busy...x_x See you again in Vanadel

SVCHOST said...

Brogames, you have some nerve! 100,000 happy customers you gave a trojan to is how f'ing happy they are, huh?

GTFO and DIE is right! Even prison is too good for you.

You're scum and I hope that trojan you infested everywhere gives you the clap.